The Anna Blouse Sew Along ~ Sewing the Keyhole and Neckline Tucks

Hello and Happy Friday.
Today I will share a tutorial in pictures for Creating the Keyhole and Neckline Tucks on your Anna Blouse.

Sewing the Keyhole
This is the most difficult part of the blouse.  Once you get the keyhole sewn the rest is easy peasy! Be sure to Go slowly when stitching the binding to the keyhole and again when completing the final edge stitch.

A.  Clip the top of the keyhole.  Stay stitch around the keyhole 3/16" away from the edge.  ( A scant 1/4")

B. Fold the keyhole bias bindings strip in half wrong sides together along the long edge.  Press.
Unfold the binding strip.

Match the long raw edge to the center crease and press.  Repeat for the other edge. Press.

C. Place the bias binding strip right side to the wrong side of the keyhole.  Match the Center Front notch on the bias trip to the Center Front at the bottom of the keyhole.  Pin in place.

D. Pin the top of the bias binding to the top of the keyhole on both sides.

E. Pin around the keyhole easing the binding on to the keyhole edge.

F. With the front blouse facing you (the bias strip will be on the bottom), stitch the bias binding to the keyhole with a 1/4" stitch.

G. Fold the binding over to the right side encasing the seam allowance and folding under 1/4" on the crease.  Pin in place being sure to cover the previous stitching.

H. Edge stitch around the keyhole. Press.

Sewing the Neckline Tucks

 To Create the tucks you will match the top notches and the bottom dots, folding the fabric on the fold line, for each tuck.

A. With the right sides together match the bottom dots and top notches on each tuck and fold in half on the fold line. Pin in place.

B. Starting at the dot, back tack and stitch to the top notch, back tacking at the end of the seam

C. Press the tuck flat,  matching the fold to the center of the seam.

D. Repeat for the remaining five tucks.  Baste the tucks in place 3/16" from the raw edge ( a scant 1/4")

Congrats!  The hardest part is done!  Join me on Sunday and I will show you how to sew French Seams!


  1. Nicely done! I've never done this before and I suddenly feel this is possible. Thank you so much!

  2. Ooh, I love this cameras fabric! Who makes it?


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