Design Process

Today I thought I'd share a bit of my design process. 
I was really hoping to have this paper pieced pattern sewn up today.
 It is inspired by some pics I found of flowers in vintage bottles.
It has been finished for at least a month and now that I'm sewing it I've decided to made some changes. Ugh!
The middle flower was too small so I enlarged it.  I really like the flower and bottle on the left but don't like the one on the right - so I'll take the time to redo it!  I'm always amazed at how organic the process is.  It isn't fast or easy but I do find it rewarding ~ if I take a breath and don't rush it : ) 
I also finished this pattern months ago.  It was a contender for the Sew Out Loud Quilt along but I decided to create "Design Studio" instead.  I have a bit more hand stitching to do and then it will be a pillow for my sewing chair.  The pattern is available as an instand download in my Craftsy shop and also on Etsy.

I'm a naughty girl and went back to the vintage estate warehouse.  I found a complete Featherweight accessories box with the original unopened machine oil and screwdriver for $5!
Also, this group of vintage sundries for just another $5.
Have a wonderful day!


Kerry's House and some more bits and pieces

Kerry asked for houses for the Ringo Pie Bee.  I love to make houses so this was lots of fun.

She wanted a more traditional school house style block.  I picked a house from Kumiko Fujita's Patchwork Lessons.  I love this house because it has lots of windows to fill and you all know how much I love fussy cutting!! Here is the Kumiko Fujita version.
I added the attic window, and the pathway to the house.

As far as "bits and pieces" go, I started this log cabin to be one side of a purse.  It is mid size - about 15" x 12" which will be the perfect size to fit all my goodies.  I'm on the fence as far as the color scheme but it is growing on me.

   I picked the first flowers from my garden today!! 
 There is nothing like the scent of  fresh cut flowers.

I've been doing a bit too much vintage shopping lately.  
The pitcher came from a wonderful little antique shop near Hood Canal in Wa State. 
The sweet painting was $10 at a vintage store in Olympia, WA.

I thought the tea towel on the left was just so sweet.
The book on the right "From Me to You ~ A Gift of Friendly Thoughts"  is just wonderful.  It was written in 1911 and is filled with lovely little gems about friendship.
I'll leave you with this:

"Happy is the house that shelters a friend. "



An Apple and A Dumpling

I just love Keyka Lou's little dumpling pattern.  It is such a great little project.  I made this one for a friend and it will be traveling to her tomorrow! 

The apple coaster is made from my apple tute here.
It will also be travelling to the same lovely tomorrow : )

 Leila made this leaf coaster for me that I just love!
It cushions my coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon and wine in the evening!
I highly recommend the pattern.  It is wonderful!

Happy Creating to you


Bits and Pieces

Why on earth do April and May go so fast? For me it is taxes and a little boy birthday in April as well as my yearly weekend Yoga and Meditation retreat at Harmony Hill on the Hood Canal
 Now for May....I'm not so sure. 
I have been working and have finished a few projects but can only show peeks : (
These letters will be part of a very special quilt.
I cut into my very prized Heather Ross fabric for this one!
And for this one too!!

This is a project that I hope will be published this Fall. If not, It will end up as a pattern in my Etsy and Craftsy shops.

The weather has been beautiful here in Seattle. 
 I hope Spring has come to your neck of the woods too!

xo Charise