Farmer's Wife Quilt Along - No Safer Road to Travel

I've been lagging behind in the Farmer's Wife Quilt along but I'm still really enjoying making the blocks when I can.  These two blocks were inspired by a letter titled " No Safer Road to Travel."

My favorite excerpt from the letter:

" To wake up in the early morning to the bird calls, the animal greetings, is better that the best symphony concert ever played.  To see the sun climb out of bed and reach out rosy fingers to pick up the dew drops from field and meadow, and to watch the joyous greeting of all nature, in the summer time, is worth more than silver and gold can buy."
Mrs. E. M. L.
Furnas County, Neb.

Patchwork 318 Bee - The second time is a charm

I've been having sew much fun using my "Patchwork Patterns 318" book from Kumiko Fujita.
Amisha chose a sewing theme and this is the block I chose.
This was actually my second try and I like how it turned out!  I was inspired by Faith's spools here.
You should really check out the Flickr Group here.  Kerry and Leila created some adorable blocks and I can't wait to see the remaining three blocks! 

Happy Creating to you!


My New Toy

My dear hubby got me a Holga camera last year for my birthday.  Yes.... last year and I finally took it out of the box, read the instruction manual I found online, loaded film and snapped some pics at our little vaca in Okanogan County in Northeastern Wa State. 
I am over the moon with this camera.  It is a plastic toy camera and its intrigue lies in the fact that it leaks light.  It creates some amazing effects.
You can really see the light leaks on this photo.

I think the light effects on this one are just amazing.

Now I'm dreaming of a trip to Paris or the English countryside to take more pics with my Dear Holga!

Happy Creating to you : )


No, really... ten years already ? !

Tomorrow will be my 10 year wedding anniversary.  I'm not sure where the time went.  It has been a very eventful decade.  Jay and I met in the University District in Seattle.  He was still in college (actually just finishing his last year) and I was full throttle 10 years into my career as an apparel designer. Ours is not a conventional union - I am almost 12 years his senior but Jay is definitely my equal, actually he most likely surpasses me in in soul years.  We have been through so much - things that cause some couples to divorce.   In the past 10 years we each lost a sibling, remodeled a 100 year old house, and had two incredible kids.  I can honestly say I've never been happier and know that the leap I made was the right one.

Happy Anniversary, Jay. 

  Love you....

Cafe Au Lait

Finshed....my first block for the Cocorico Bee.  Lauree chose Kitchen Couture and I decided to do a Cafe Au Lait theme.  I love my french press but it isn't very stylish.  I found some great images for antique coffe pots and decided to change my french press to an old fashioned French coffee pot.  This image is the test block.  It was actually the combo I was going to make for Lauree but later found out she loves orange so I made this block for her

The "lait" and "Cafe" labels were printed on fabric from my printer.  This is such a great way to take cool images and use them in your sewing projects.

Ok...I've have a list to make and some new blocks to make for a few more bees.

Happy creating to you!