No, really... ten years already ? !

Tomorrow will be my 10 year wedding anniversary.  I'm not sure where the time went.  It has been a very eventful decade.  Jay and I met in the University District in Seattle.  He was still in college (actually just finishing his last year) and I was full throttle 10 years into my career as an apparel designer. Ours is not a conventional union - I am almost 12 years his senior but Jay is definitely my equal, actually he most likely surpasses me in in soul years.  We have been through so much - things that cause some couples to divorce.   In the past 10 years we each lost a sibling, remodeled a 100 year old house, and had two incredible kids.  I can honestly say I've never been happier and know that the leap I made was the right one.

Happy Anniversary, Jay. 

  Love you....

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