Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.  Ours was lovely!  My boys had a wonderful time today playing with their new legos and wearing their mama made star wars p.j's. 
My husband's 95 year old grandmother spent the day with us - it was wonderful!!

My hubs and I were up late lastnight wrapping last minute gifts.  I checked my email and there was a sneak peek at the new Stitch Spring 2013.  I received the best Christmas gift ever - one of my projects that is in the issue made it on the cover!!!!  I'm so excited....I had a really hard time falling asleep lastnight!!

The issue hits stores on January 15th but the digital issue is available now.  You can find it here.
I will post more pictures once the issue is out......I promise it is a good one.  Lots of wonderful projects!!



What I'm working on Wednesday (on Thursday : )

Hope you are all getting excited for the Holidays!  My little guys are counting the days : )
I'm going to be working on some Star Wars flannel p.j.'s later this afternoon but thought I would share my latest work in progress. 
Both pics are a little tease of a project that will be published in March 2013!!

Some Beggars Blocks......

Plus my block from Quilmaker's 100 Blocks in new fabrics....
They will both have some new friends : )

Have a lovely day!


Hexie Pouch - A little tute

In celebration of my birthday today, I thought I'd share a little tute with you!!
It is a big one (the birthday that is) but I'm not feeling one day older than 28 : ) He, he.........

I made this one for my dear friend Rebecca for a swap we did.  I had some requests for a pattern so I thought I'd share a tute with you so you can make one based on the frame you have.  There are lots of different shapes and sizes of purse frames.  Both the pouches pictured use a medium sized frame - 5" wide at the bottom x 1 1/2" tall.  The great news is that you can use any size frame based on this tutorial.

Supplies: (fabric requirements based on a medium sized purse frame 5" wide x 1 1/2" tall)
~1 metal purse frame - I like the sew in type.  The one used in this tutorial is  4"  wide at the top x 5" wide at the bottom x 1½" high. A similar one can be found HERE.
There are also some really cute ones on Etsy HERE
The frame can also be found at Joann fabrics in store.  That is where I purchased mine.  They don't have it online : (
~ 2 pieces 10" x 10" fabric for the shell
~ 2 pieces 10" x 10" fabric for the lining
~ 2 pieces 10" x 10" fusible fleece
~ Perle Cotton Embroidery thread
~Matching thread
~Fabric marking pen or pencil

This is a great project to add hexies or use an orphaned paper pieced block or quilt block.

Making the Pattern

~ Mark a vertical line toward the left edge of your paper.  This is the center or fold line of the pouch.
~ Place the center of the frame on the center line on your paper.
~ Trace the top of the frame to the curve.
~ Pivot the frame at the middle of the curve and trace the rest of the frame. The more of an angle and width you add, the wider and "poofier"  the pouch will be.
~ Add 1/4" to the end of the frame.
~ Draw in the rest of the bag shape and then add 3/8" seam allowance all around.
This pouch measures 7 1/2" High x 8 3/4" wide at the widest point.
I added darts to this pouch to give it a bit more shape.  The darts are 3/4" wide x 1 1/4" tall.

~Note**Another way to check you pattern is to measure the top edge of the frame and compare it to the seam line on the pattern.  The pattern seam should be about 1/2" larger than the frame measurement**

Sewing your pouch together.
The instructions use photos of the pouch pictured above but will work for any pouch pattern.
Prepare the outside panels of your pouch.
1) Sew the outside panels of your pouch if doing a paper piecing block, quilt block, or hexie design.
Make sure your block is bigger than the pattern, approx. 10" x 10".
2) Apply the fusible fleece to both wrong sides of your outside pouch panels.
Quilt as desired. 
3) Place your pattern on the quilted panels.  Trace around the edge and cut out.
 If your pattern has darts, stitch them now.
Stitch the outside Pouch
1) Place your outside pouch panels right sides together.
2) Start at the frame/pouch intersection stitch around the bottom to the other side.
Press seam open.
3) Turn right side out.
Stitch the Lining
1) Cut your lining pieces.  Stitch the darts if they are part of the pattern.
2) Place your lining pieces right sides together.
3) Start at the frame/pouch intersection stitch around the bottom to the other side leaving a 3" opening at the bottom for turning.
Press seam open.
Stitch the outside pouch to the lining
1) Place the outside pouch inside the lining, right sides together.
2) On one side, Stitch the outside pouch  to the lining starting at frame/pouch intersection stitch around the top to the other side.
Repeat for the other side.
Press seam open.
3) Turn right side out.
4) Stitch the lining opening closed with an edge stitch or a hand slip stitch.
Stitch the Frame to the Pouch
1) Find the center of you top pouch panel.  Place the center of the purse frame at the center of the pouch panel
2) Starting at the center, baste the frame to the pouch on either side. 
Repeat for the other side
3) Stitch the Frame to the pouch with Perle cotton embroidery thread.
I'd love to see your version of the frame pouch.  Please include your projects in my Flickr group here.
Have a great day!  My 28th ; ) birthday will be filled with an Art Docent Lesson on Van Gogh to 27 Kindergarteners, hopefully a trip to Anthropologie just for fun, and an evening viewing of "Anna Karenina" with my hubs!


Sew Mama Sew Give-away Winner

Thank you all so much for entering my give away.  I loved reading your comments!!

The winner is Jenny who said:
Those are so cute! I haven't yet paper pieced, but I plan to learn this year, so I'd love these -- thanks!

Congrats Jenny - I just sent you an email!!


Sew Mama Sew Give-Away Day!!!

Hi!  Today is the first day of Sew Mama Sew's Give Away Day!
I'm excited to be giving away the following:
My "Vintage Kitchen" Paper Piecing Patterns:
Mixing Bowls, Tea Time & Vintage Apron



Please leave a comment on this post by December 7 at 5 p.m. PST.
Please make sure I can contact you : )

AND don't forget to check out Sew Mama Sew blog for more give aways!!!
Good Luck


Incredible Mail!!!

I've been so fortunate to receive such amazing goodies from online friends!
Becca and I did a swap and she sent me the most incredible package.
Everything was perfect. I Love the sewing caddy and pouch. The strawberries are adorable!!
She made those cute magnets. I'm so lucky to have such a super talented and sweet friend!!!
I can't wait for our next swap : )
I also did the handmade ornament swap On Flickr hosted by Lauree!
For my partners,  I made the houses you see in my mosaic.
I received the most incredible ornaments. My color scheme for decorating is Red and White. I just love how they look together! I can't wait to put them on the tree!!
These lovely ornaments came from Amy (angel), Synnoeve ( Crochet heart, bastket and fabric), Krista (Hot Air Balloon) and Wendi (Glass ribbon ball).
This amazing pillow came from Sew She Did's Sheetal for the Pillow Talk Swap on Flickr.
I LOVE this pillow.  Most of the fabrics are vintage scraps!!  I'm so lucky to have such an amazing partner!!!


Fresh Sewing Day and Sunday Stash

It was an exciting November for me!   I was able to share some projects I finished in the Spring -   I was lucky enough to have projects in Stitch magazine and Quiltmaker's 100 blocks!!
And I even got a few swap projects done!!!
 I finished two tutorials -
I completely overextended my self but it was well worth it.

Be sure to hop on over to Lily's Quilts for Fresh Sewing Day and see some great blogs and projects!

I received these fun fabrics in the mail yesterday and just had to share!

The Melody Miller fabrics, which are on the top and bottom,
go so well with the "Stamped" print in the middle.  All fabrics are from Kokka.
You can find these fabrics at Pink Castle Fabrics.  Brenda is having a 20% off sale through today - use code INVENTORY20.




Sale at Pink Castle Fabric

Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics is having a fab sale this weekend!  Everything in the store is 20% off with the code - INVENTORY20!!

I'm loving the new line "Stamped" from Kokka!!
Have fun shopping!! 

Vintage Block Quilt Along - Block #2 - Night and Day

For those of you who are joining me on this Vintage Block Quilt Along adventure, thanks for your patience!!!!   It has been a busy November!!

This month our block is from Alice Brooks and is called "Night and Day".  It is a fairly fast block to put together.  There are four "Y" seams but I promise you will have that skill mastered after finishing this block!!!

OK....lets get started!

1) Print out your pattern template. 

You can find it [HERE]

Be sure to check the 1" square!

 Using the picture on the pattern piece as your guide, cut out the pieces as marked on the pattern.
Mark the notch on pieces C.
Mark the 1/4" intersection point on pieces A.

 On pattern pieces B, place right sides together on inside edge.
 Mark 1/4" up from bottom, noncurved edge. 
Stitch from top curved edge to mark at botton edge.  Back tack at ends.
Press seam open.

Match the point intersection on Piece A to the 1/4" mark on piece B.
Pin in Place.

Flip over the pinned section A to B.
Stitch from edge to the 1/4" mark on piece B.  Do not stitch on the seam allowance.

Pivot the unstitched seam on B to match the unstitched seam on A.  Pin in place.
Stitch from the 1/4" mark to the edge.

Press the seam on B open.
Press the seams on A toward piece B.

Match the notch on C to the seam on the curved edge of B.
Pin in place and stitch.

Press the seam allowance towards block C.
True up the section to 6 1/2".

Repeat steps 3-9 for the other 3 portions of the block.
Stitch the two left blocks together matching seams. Press seam open.
Stitch the two right block together matching seams.  Press seam open.
Stitch the left section to the right section. Press seam open.

****Congrats - you have completed block #2!****
I'd love to see your version - please add yours to the Vintage Block Quilt Along Group on Flickr!!!


Christmas Sewing - Round Potholder and a Tutorial!

I've been doing a bit of holiday sewing! I have lots of "orphan" paper piecing blocks and thought it would be fun to make something from them.  I've created a pattern and tutorial - my little holiday gift to you!!

Round Potholder Tutorial

by Charise Randell

 A fun take on the traditional potholder, this potholder is circular and has cute decorative trim on the pocket.  It can also be used as trivet or mug rug or to hang in your kitchen to add a bit of cheer  : )  It is finished with bias binding trim.

The paper piecing blocks can be found in my  Etsy Shop.
Or use an orphaned paper pieced block or quilt block of your own!
The Circle Template Pattern Link Is Here.

1 foundation pieced block or quilt block 8” or smaller
1 ~  9 ½” square Insul-Fleece or Insul-Brite insulated batting
1 ~ 9 ½” square batting
1 ~ 9 ½” x 7 ½” piece batting
1 ~ 9 ½” square Print fabric for the back of the potholder
2~ 9 ½” x 7 ½” pieces print fabric for Pocket
 30” - ½” wide double fold Bias Binding ~or~ ½ yard fabric to make your own (this includes the top of pocket binding and the hanging loop)
6” – ½” wide double fold Bias Binding ~or~ 6” length  3/8” to ½” wide ribbon for hanging the loop
9” – ½” wide double fold Bias Binding for top of pocket
Matching Thread
9” length of Decorative Trim, at least 3/8” wide - Ric Rac, Lace, etc…..
Basting Spray
1” bias tape maker if making your own binding (optional)
Walking Foot (optional)

 Making your binding – **If you are not using purchased binding**
1. Cut three lengths 20” x 1 7/8” bias strips.  Grain line should be 45 degree from selvage edge.

2.  Stitch the two of the strips together. The third strip will be used for the top of pocket binding and the hanging loop.
3. Make the bias binding:
  -a. Use your bias tape maker and follow the manufacturer directions
  -b. With the wrong side facing you, fold your bias strip in half along the long edge. Press.
Open the strip and fold the edges to the center crease and press.
4. Repeat step 3a or 3b for the third bias strip.

 Assemble your Block

1. Assemble your foundation paper pieced block or quilt block.
Add Borders so the block measures 9 ½”.

 Prepare the Potholder

1. Make a quilt sandwich with the block:
Place one square of the print fabric wrong side up.  Place one square of the batting on top.
Place the square of insulated fleece on the top.  Place the pp block right side up.
Baste all layers with basting spray.

 2. Quilt as desired.  I like to do an echo quilting design around my paper pieced blocks.

 3.  Using the circle template, center the template on the top of the quilt sandwich.  Trace around the template.
Stitch ¼” inside the line with a basting stitch.  Cut around the template line.

Prepare the Pocket

1.  Make a quilt sandwich:
Place one square of the print fabric wrong side up.  Place one square of the batting on top.
Place one print square right side up.
Baste with basting spray.

 2. Quilt the pocket as desired. I used a diamond stitch for mine.

 3. Place the pocket template on the quilted pocket piece and trace around the template.
Stitch ¼” inside the line with a basting stitch.  Cut around the template line.

 4. Mark a line ¾” down from the top edge. Place the the trim on the top straight edge, so that the bottom edge of the trim meets the line. Baste in place.
*Note, if you’d like more of the trim to show, mark the line lower than ¾”*

 5. Stitch the Bias binding to the top edge, placing the right side of binding to right side of pocket lining matching the raw edges at the top.
Stitch with a 3/8” stitch. 

Fold bias to the right side of the pocket.
Hand slip stitch or machine edge stitch the bias binding edge.

Finish the potholder

1. Place the pocket right side up on the back side of the potholder.  Match raw edges. Baste around the perimeter.
2.  Make and attach the hanging loop:
a. Fold a 6” length of the bias tape wrong sides together, Edgestitch.
b. Fold a length of 6” ribbon together wrong side to wrong side.

~Place the loop, to the top center of the Back potholder matching raw edges at the top.
Baste in Place.

3. Attach Binding trim to the Perimeter to the potholder:
a. Fold one short side of the bias binding under on wrong side for 3/8”.
b. Place the folded edge of the bias binding on the pocket side at the center bottom, right side binding to right side pocket.
4. Stitch the binding to the pocket side of the potholder with a 3/8” stitch.  When you reach the starting point, overlap the binding over the folded edge by  ½”.
5. Fold the bias binding to the right side of the pothholder and hand slip stitch or machine edge stitch the binding to the outside potholder just covering the stitching.

Yay....your potholder is complete!!!!
I'd love to see your version.  Pls post pictures to my Charise Creates Flickr Group here.


A winner!!!!

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my Stitch Projects!!!  It was fun to read what you are making for holiday gifts!  
I am working on some and will do a post soon.....hope to have a tute in there for you!
The winner of the Stitch give-away is
Patchwork and Play who wrote:
COngratulations on having patterns in such wonderful magazines! I love your pretty and so distinctive style! A few cute pouches and purses are on my Christmas list!
And a big Thank You to Becca at Sew me a Song and Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics for their generous fabric give-aways!!!


Fabric Sales

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving ( for those who live in the U.S. : )
Both of my sponsors are having sales through Sunday!!

At Sew me a Song, Becca is having a sale on shipping :
Orders placed Thursday (11-21) through Sunday (11-24) will receive flat rate shipping of $2.50 US/$6.50 Canada/ $8.50 everywhere else. No minimum required. Refunds will be processed upon shipment. Please put coupon code "THANKYOU12" in Notes to Seller upon Checkout.
I love this fun fruit and flowers bundle from the shop~~

Brenda at Pink Castle is having a sale, too!
25% off Kokka (including new Stamped and Ruby Star Sparkle!)
25% off Liberty
25% off Yuwa
25% off all Precuts and Bundles (including new lines like In My Room and Notting Hill)

10% off notions
10% off color cards
And it is not too late to enter my Give Away which you can find here!
Happy shopping!


I'm In Stitch Gifts****and a Give-Away!!!

It has been such an exciting month for me.  First I was published in Quilmaker's 100 blocks and then Stitch Magazine.  Stitch is by far my favorite sewing magazine.  I have been reading it for years.  About a year ago I thought - why not submit some project ideas.  I had lots of ideas and was excited to get them made into actual items.  Fast forward 1 year and here I am - two projects in Stitch!!!
I'm so honored and excited to be in the magazine!!
The first item is the gathered clutch and coin purse.  It is really easy to make.  It is so much fun to pick a fun fabric for the center focal point!  The clutch is just the perfect size to carry your wallet and a few essentials.  I designed it with a removeable strap so you can also use it as a pouch!
This is the one featured in the magazine. The center fabric is Shasta Daisy by Suzuko Koseki for Yuwa and you can find it at Sew me a Song!
I made these this afternoon!
Here is the other side of the coin purse.  Just love the Kokka Print!  You can find it here at Pink Castle Fabrics.
And here is the other side of the clutch.  The center panel is Fashion Sewing by Suzuko Koseki for Yuwa and the polka dot fabric is Small Dots in Aqua by Riley Blake.  You can find both fabrics at Becca's shop Sew Me a Song.
The Second Project is"Quilt Blocks Sachet Trio".  These are a fun and easy gift to make.
They are each 4" square so you can use some of your most prized scraps for this project!
The Pinwheel and Spool Sachets are paper pieced and there is a great tutorial for paper piecing each one in "Stitch".
The Petal Sachet is appliqued.

Amber, the editor of "Stitch" did a great video tutorial on paper piecing a pinwheel which you can find here!
Thanks for hanging in there : ) 
Now for the Give Away!
Please leave a comment on this post.  I'd love to hear what gifts you are making for the holidays.
I will be giving away:
The Gifts 2012 Issue of Stitch Magazine!
This fun FQ set from Becca at Sew Me a Song.  They are the same fabrics I used for my clutch!
and this cute F8 set of fabric from Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics.
Perfect for making the coin purse or some lavender sachets!
The give away will be open for comments until Friday Nov. 24th.
Please make sure you include a way for me to contact you!
Good Luck