The Splendid Sampler ~ "Happy, Happy" & a Circle Appliqué Tutorial

Hello and Happy Thursday.
Today I am sharing my version of Jen Kingswell's block Happy, Happy.
I have been a big fan of Jen's work for some time and it was such fun to make her block.
You can find the pattern [HERE]

I adore this block but I will admit once I printed out the pattern I thought - " my, those are some tiny circles".  The larger circle is nickel sized and the small one is a bit smaller than a dime.
Don't fret - I have a tutorial to make this completely doable!

I personally love a challenge and I put on my "thinking cap" to figure out the best way to appliqué this tiny circles.
I am by no means an expert at appliqué but I have used the technique in a few of my sewing projects with larger circles.

 I used appliqué to create the flower on this Blossom Appliqué handbag.

Applique is the technique I used to create the center on this block from my Vintage Block Sew Along.

OK... Let's Get Started!


Card Stock (you can also use copy paper but card stock will give you a crisper, cleaner edge.
and you can easily re-use the template)
Paper scissors
Spray Starch
Hand Sewing Needle
Fabric Glue Stick
Fabric Scissors

1) Print out the pattern onto card stock. Carefully cut out the circle.

2) Apply glue to the back of the circle. Place the circle on the wrong side of the fabric.
***This is a perfect opportunity to fussy cut a motif on your circle*** 

3) Cut around the circle leaving 3/16" - 1/4" seam allowance.

4) Stitch around the circle with a running stitch with the stitches approximately 1/8" apart

5) Pull up the thread, gathering the seam allowance around the circle.  Secure the stitching.
Dip the q-tip in spray starch and apply to the perimeter of the circle on the seam allowance.
Press the seam allowance flat.

6) Remove the stitching and the paper circle, and press again from the back and front.
Now you are ready to appliqué the circle to your Happy, Happy block!

Connecting threads has a good video tutorial for appliqué [HERE].  They use silk thread, but cotton thread works well, too.  I like Aurifil 50 wt thread cotton thread.




The Splendid Sampler ~ "Lots Of Love"

Happy Sunday to you!
I am keeping up with all my blocks for The Splendid Sampler Sew Along.

Making each block has been such a treat.  You can find all the info and patterns [HERE]

The third block in the series is designed by Melissa Corry.  Be sure to head over to her website for some tips on making the block and a special extra project.  It is adorable!

Happy Sewing!


The Splendid Sampler ~ "Wings"

Happy Thursday to you!
Today I'm sharing the second block in The Splendid Sampler Sew Along ~ Wings.
This block was designed by Jane Davidson who created The Splendid Sampler Sew Along along with Pat Sloan.  Jane also designed the graphics for all the patterns and they are stunning!

Be sure to head on over to TheSplendidSampler.com for the pattern.

I am a big fan of scrappy quilts and blocks, so this one was incredibly fun to pick fabrics for.
Some of the fabrics are small scraps that I have been saving for some time.

The others are pictured above (Left to Right):

Windham Fabrics "Little Menagerie",  Lakehouse Drygoods Floral, Hello Betty by Chloe's Closet by Moda Fabrics, "Country Girls" by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake, "Simpatico" by Maywood Studios, Flower Bouquet for Lecien, "Fog City Kitty" for Lakehouse Drygoods, "BonBon Bebe" by Robyn Pandolph for RJR fabrics, Lakehouse Favorites Aqua Seed Catalog, Moda Essential Dots Teal on White 

I used Aurifil 12 wt embroidery thread to embroider the butterfly antennae.

This was a fun and easy block to make.  Enjoy!

Happy Sewing 


The Splendid Sampler "Hearts a Flutter" ~ And an applique tutorial

Happy Valentine's Day to you!  I am so happy to share my version of Pat Sloan's first block for the Splendid Sampler ~ "Hearts a Flutter".  It is a fun block which combines both piecing and appliqué.
Be sure to head over to TheSplendidSampler. com for the link to Pat's lovely block pattern!

I used a prized piece of Suzuko Koseki fabric for the heart.  It was fun to fussy cut the image and I was able to fit most of the word "LOVE" on the heart  : )

Fabrics used in the block are:
Red Floral ~ Flower Bouquet Collection by Lecien
Pink Dot ~  Lakehouse Favorites

I cheated a bit on my appliqué and used Dritz Fusible Bonding Web to create a turned edge instead of needle turning the edge.  It adds a bit more bulk, but is a faster way to get a nice clean edge.

Let's get started!

1) I used Dritz Fusible bonding web for Medium Fabrics.  You can find it HERE
Trace the heart onto the fusible web using a pencil or water soluble pen.

  Place the web on your fabric with the fabric right side up.
***This is a great opportunity to fussy cut the heart.
The web is shear so you can see exactly where the heart will be!***

Pin in place.

2) Trim beyond the marked line 1/4"

3) Stitch on the line back tacking at end.
 Clip around the curve. Clip into the top inside corner close to the stitching. 
 Clip the bottom point close to the stitching. 

Cut a slit in the fusible bond approximately 1" from the stitching on both ends.

4)  Carefully turn the heart right side out gently pushing out the edge. Finger Press. 

5) Place the heart on the pieced block and iron in place.  Machine Edge stitch or Hand stitch the heart to the block.

Be sure to tag your blocks with the hashtag TheSplendidSampler if you share on Instagram.
I can't wait to see your blocks!

Happy Sewing


The Splendid Sampler is just one week away!

The Splendid Sampler starts in exactly one week!

In case you haven't heard, 
Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson came up with the amazing idea to invite 80+ designer to create original blocks for a year long Sew Along!

The block pictured is a free block from Pat to give you a little warm up for the quilt along.  It is a great way to audition some of the fabrics you are planning on using.

The quilt along starts February 14th and you can find all the details [HERE].
There is a Facebook group which is a great way to share fabrics and get to know everyone.

Here is a sneaky peek of my blocks!  I have had such fun making them.

I will be sharing my version of the first block in the quilt along on February 14th including an easy appliqué tutorial.

Happy Sewing!