Spring Blossoms Sew Along ~ Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of the Spring Blossoms Sew Along.
The info for the Sew Along can be found [HERE]

This week we are making pinwheels that are the leaves for the flower blocks.
You will need three for the quilt.
You can find all the info [HERE]

Please be sure to tag your photos with #SpringBlossomsSewAlong

I love to see what you make!

Happy Sewing


Spring Blossoms Sew Along ~ Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of the Spring Blossoms Sew Along.

This week we are making flower blocks.
You will need three for the quilt.
You can find all the info [HERE]

I love the fussy cutting possibilities with the flowers.
I used a Holly Holderman print for the Birds, " Birdies" by Lake HouseDryGoods.
The petite florals are from Atsuko Matsuyama.

Please be sure to tag your photos with #SpringBlossomsSewAlong

I love to see what you make!

Happy Sewing


Spring Blossoms Sew Along - Week 3

It is Week 3 of the 
Thanks for stopping by!

The mini quilt is made with blocks from my book "Super Cute Paper Piecing"

This week we will be making the Butterfly and Rain Drop blocks.
You can find the instructions for the Butterfly [HERE]
and the Rain Drops [HERE]

The butterfly block is made from
 a favorite Lecien floral print and a matching solid for the border.

I could not resist fussy cutting the rain drop blocks from some favorite prints 
from my stash!

If you missed week  1 & 2 click [HERE] for all the info.

Please be sure to tag your photos on social media with the hashtag #SpringBlossomsSewAlong
I love to see what you make!

Happy Sewing


Quilt as you go ~ Springtime Patchwork Purse Tutorial

A year ago, I designed a fun patchwork bag for Sew Mama Sew ~
The Springtime Patchwork Purse.
 I decided to make another but this time I used a log cabin panel with a "quilt as you go" method.

Click on over to Sew Mama Sew for the pattern and instructions.

In order to make this version you will need to  Substitute, Add OR Omit the following~

Fabric and Interfacing 44/45” width:

2/3 yard Print Cotton for Lining
1/3 yard Linen
1/4 yard Apple Print
4 each - 1/8 yard: 4 different blue prints
14 pieces fussy cut prints 10" x 10" (7 prints for each panel)

1/3 yard Batting
1/3 yard Muslin
5/8 yard Heavy Wt Interfacing or Canvas

1/4 yard Light Weight Fusible Interfacing

**For this version of the purse, I used 7 different fabric pieces for each side - 14 total.
 You can use more fabrics and make a more intricate panel.**


Print Lining Fabric
2 - B - Purse Body
1 - 8 1/2“ x 10 1/2” print fabric for lining pocket

*OMIT Print for Outer Patchwork Panels
3 1/4” squares:
a) 28 “Teacher’s Pet” Apple Print
b) 6 “Dictionary” Text Print
c) 8 “Loves me not” Yellow Floral
d) 8 “Eyelet” Print
e) 6 “Daydress” Floral

4 - A Purse Border
1 Strip 3 1/2” x 28 1/2” (handle)

2 - B Purse Body
2 - 8 1/2" x 10 1/2"

Heavy Wt Interfacing or Canvas
2 - B Purse Body
4 - A Purse Boder

Light weight Interfacing
1 Strip 3 1/2” x 28 1/2” (handle)
2 - 1” squares

Muslin - 2 each,  8 1/2" x 10 1/2".

~~~SUBSTITUTE the following instructions for "Make the Patchwork Purse Panel:"~~~
1. Cut two  8 1/2" x 10 1/2" rectangles from the batting.

2. Attach the batting to the back of the 8 1/2" x 10 1/2" batting rectangle.
You can use fusible batting or basting spray for non fusible batting.

3. Trace the purse template onto the batting side of the  8 1/2" x 10 1/2" rectangle.
This will help you make sure you are covering the entire purse panel.

4. You are going to start in the middle of the panel and add fabrics in a counter clockwise direction.

Position the center motif on the center of the purse panel.  You can measure or just eyeball the position of the center fabric motif.  Pin in place.  (This center apple piece is approximately 3 1/2" x 4 3/4")

5. Choose the next fabric piece that will be sewn to the right of the center motif.  I chose this navy apple print because it is a nice contrast to the center apple motif.

6. Place both pieces right sides together matching the top and right edge on the center motif.
Stitch the right seam with a 1/4" seam allowance.

7. Fold the top piece back and press.  Topstitch 1/4" from the seam. OR you can quilt the panel
in your desired pattern.

8. Continue to add pieces in a counter clockwise direction.  I like to measure the length of the previous section to help determine how big of a piece I need to cut.

 You are basically making an improv log cabin block.

9.  When you have covered the purse panel, trace around the pattern and cut out the panel.
Baste around the edge.

Continue with the Sew Mama Sew instructions as follows:
"With right sides together, pin a Purse Border A to the top of a quilted Purse Body Panel B. Match notches and pin in place. Stitch the seam with a 3/8” seam allowance back tacking at ends. Repeat for the other side."
* Happy Sewing *


Spring Blossoms Sew Along ~ Week 2 ~ Watering Can

Today I am sharing the first block for the Spring Blossoms Sew Along.
I created a fun mini quilt with blocks from my book "Super Cute Paper Piecing"

You can find the instructions to make the Watering Can Block [HERE]

I kept the fabrics fairly simple on this block.
The floral is "Flower Sugar" from Lecien fabrics.  The "Ciao" print is from Suzuko Koseki.
You can find a different color way of the print at Sew Me A Song on Etsy [HERE] and at Delta Patchwork  [HERE]
I used a matching solid print for the spout and handles.

Please be sure to tag your photos on social media with the hashtag #SpringBlossomsQuiltAlong
I love to see what you make!

Happy Sewing


Spelling Bee Saturday!

Hello and welcome!
It is my stop on the Spelling Bee Saturday Sew Along hosted by the Fat Quarter Shop.

I made the letter "u" from the book, and decided to combine it with my Fussy Cut Heart pattern!
I also used the capital letter "I" from Lori Holt's fabulous book.

The fabric for the letter "I" is Glamper-licious from Riley Blake.  The print is Pink Cherries and you can find it at Fat Quarter shop [HERE]

The letter "u" is made from Lori Holt's Calico Days dot which is now out of print but this pink Lori Holt "Bake Sale 2" dot would work perfectly in it's place!

The"Fussy Cut Heart" pattern can be found in my Etsy and Craftsy shops.

The girl fabric in the center of the heart is an out of print Japanese fabric and the tiny gingham can be found [HERE]

Be sure to visit the Fat Quarter Shop Blog - The Jolly Jabber to see the other adorable blocks made from Lori's book.

Be sure to tag you photos with the hashtag #SpellingBeeSaturday so I can find your fabulous makes!

Happy Sewing


Spring Blossoms Sew Along ~ Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the Spring Blossoms Sew Along.
We will be sewing an element of the quilt every week for 8 weeks total.
The quilt finishes at 35" x 35".

This week is all about preparing to sew and planning what your quilt will look like.

Ok, are you ready to get started?  Here we go!

I have created a to do list and schedule for the sew along, as well as a coloring page to plan your quilt.  You can find it [HERE]

*If you haven't done so already, you will need a copy of my Book Super Cute Paper Piecing.*
It is available at Martingale, Amazon, Fat Quarter Shop, and you can get a signed copy in my Etsy shop.

*Print out the Patterns*

You will need to copy the following patterns from the pattern sheet in the book:

1) Daisies - We are going to be making three daisies.
Photo copy 18 E -  Daisy Fabric Bowl Petal
Photo copy 1  D (this piece can be re-used 2 more times.)
Photo copy 3  C - Daisy Bowl Fabric Center.

2) Butterfly
Photo copy the butterfly pattern pieces A - E

3) Rain drops
Make 3 copies of rain drop A, A1- A11.
Add 1/4" seam allowance on the top and bottom edges.

4) Watering can
Enlarge the watering can pattern pieces A,B,C, & D by 125%
Once the pieces are copied, measure along the finished edge of the pattern by 1/4" for
an accurate seam allowance.  (Enlarging the pattern increases the seam allowance slightly)

*My favorite way to keep my patterns organized is by keeping each type in plastic sheet protector sleeves.*

*Fabric Requirements*
Follow the fabric requirements in the book for the daisy, butterfly, & raindrop.

For the Watering can block:
 F8 each -  background, Aqua print 1, and Aqua Print 2.
Yellow stripes on watering can - 5" x 5"

The following are additional fabrics you will need:

Border Pinwheels ~ 2 7/8" squares
~16 Yellow print 1
~16 yellow print 2
~16 pink
~16 red
~4 aqua print 1
~4 aqua print 2
~72 light ground

Background - 1 yard

1/2" Binding - 4 1/4 yards

*Picking Fabrics*

I have lots of tips for picking fabrics for paper piecing.  Click on the link [HERE] for a link to a fabric selection tutorial I created.  It will help with color, scale of prints and the value of the fabrics you choose for the quilt.

Be sure to use the hashtag #SpringBlossomsSewAlong when you post your photos on social media. I love to see what you make!

See you again next Monday, April 9th,  and we will start by sewing the Watering Can.