What I'm working on Wednesday

 A few things I'm working on.....

I love this pattern.... the link is here.
Choosing thread for hand quilting!
Have a lovely day!


Change of Heart

So today I made 16 squares for my "Pillow Talk Swap" pillow.  Each block is  1/4 of the Rose Dream block which is the first block in my Quilt Along.
I put them all together and it was 16 squares and  24 inches of "too much" !!
So.....after much rearranging I decided on this.....
Sometimes simpler is so much better!
I think it is the right decision......I hope my partner likes it!!!!

Sunday Stash

I love this new line from Riley Blake.  It is "The Simple Life" by Tasha Noel.
You can purchase it for 25% off the regular price at Pink Castle Fabrics!!!  Brenda is opening a brick and mortar store and is hoping to reduce her inventory to help make the move a bit easier.
Use the code MOVING for the month of October for 25% off her Entire Stock!!!
Happy Shopping!


Thrifty Thursday

A few weeks ago as my husband was walking home he happened upon a garage sale.  They had this painting for sale. $10.00!!!

  The artist is Stany Lemmer and the woman that sold it to him bought it in France. It is dated 1948 and I can tell it is old by the canvas back that is aged a light brown.  It is a bit moody and dark though it may just need a good cleaning.

I think it looks great with the other oil paintings in our "gallery".

A few weeks ago I was near a Value Village and had to take a peek.  My finds there have been hit and miss but it is always a fun "hunt".   I was intrigued by this "Georges Briard" piece.  Mid century collectibles are usually not my thing but for $5 I couldn't resist.  A bit of sloothing on Ebay put this right around a $15 - 20 value.
I then spotted this little compact in the jewelry case.  I love the buillion top and the patina. 

It has the original label inside.  I was able to find "Schildkraut" brand but nothing in this design when searching online.  Another $5 treasure that looks great next to the Briard! 
 I love to imagine the fashionable lady who brought this lovely compact out to powder her nose.


Fab Fabric & Stay tuned for a Give-Away!!!!

I squealed with delight upon receiving these wonderful fabrics from Becca at Sew Me A Song!!

Fabrics pictured:
Red Dot: Robert Kaufman
Red/White sewing print: Suzuko Koseki

Fabrics Pictured:
Blue Dot: Riley Blake
Blue/Creme Sewing Print:  Suzuko Koseki

I have some plans for these little beauties - the pattern I will be using for these Fab Fabrics will be available in Stitch Gifts 2012!!!. 
 Stay tuned at the beginning of November for a magazine give away (with my patterns inside!!!!)  and a fabric give away too!!!  Click here for an inside peek at the table of contents!!



Pop up Sale over at Pink Castle Fabric

HI!!!  Brenda is having a "pop up sale" over at Pink
Castle Fabrics.  Lots of great stuff and they are end of bolt cuts.
Click Here for the link to her sale.
These are my faves:

Happy Shopping : )


Vintage Block Quilt Along - Block #1, Rose Dream

Vintage Block Quilt Along
One Vintage 12" Quilt Block per month
Starting in October 2012
for 1 year!

Here is the tutorial for the first block in the quilt along - Rose Dream.  This block is one I just adore. It is from the Kansas City Star Newspaper circa 1930.  There are lots of curves and I promise you will be an expert after making this block!
  My helpers include lots of pins and starch!  

You can download the pattern [HERE]
I am reworking the pattern - join my email list for pattern updates.
You can find the link to sign up on the right side of my blog.

This pattern makes a 12" finished  / 12 1/2" unfinished block

*You will need approximately a F8 each of light and dark fabrics for one block.
*If you want to make it scrappy you will need:
DARK FABRIC - 2 squares 5" x 5", 4 squares 2 1/4" x 2 1/4", and 2 pieces 2 3/4" x 4 3/4"
LIGHT FABRIC - 2 squares 5" x 5", 4 squares 2 1/4" x 2 1/4", and 2 pieces 2 3/4" x 4 3/4"

Acrylic Ruler
Cutting Mat
Rotary Cutter
Sewing Scissors
Fine sewing pins
Spray Starch
Matching thread
1 sheet cardstock

A - 4 dark and 4 light
B - 2 dark and 2 light
C - 4 dark and 4 light

Printing out the Template
Set your printer to "page scaling - none".  You may want to do a text print to make sure your 1" test square in accutate.  When it is,  print the template onto card stock.    The templates includes a 1/4" seam allowance. I use a scant 1/4", so when I am sewing my seam edge is just inside the 1/4" mark on my sewing machine.

Assembling the Block
The following instruction are for 1/4 of the block.  Repeat these instructions for all four sections of the block.

1)  Place your blocks on your work surface as you will be sewing them.
2)  We will stitch block A to B first.  Fold piece A and B in half along the edge you will be stitching.  Finger press at  the center fold.
3)  Place piece A on piece B matching the center finger press mark, right sides together. 
Pin the center fold mark first.
Gently pull on the edge of piece A to fit the raw edge of B. 
This is most easily done flat on a table or flat surface.
Pin the edges and then towards the center.  As you can see, I use lots of pins.  I find I get a better seam this way : )
4)  Stitch the seam with a 1/4" seam allowance. 
I like to sew over the pins to keep the raw edges in place.
Just be careful to slow down when you approach a pin and remove it if your needle is going to hit it.
5)  Press your seams towards the darker fabric. If you have puckers and some creases, that is OK!!  Spray the block with starch and give it a good pressing!! Because the curve is on the bias you can manipulate this seam fairly easily.
6)  Stitch the top portion of the block together - A + C.  Press the seams towards the darker fabric.
7)  Fold both the top section - A/C and bottom - A/B section in half, matching seams.
Finger Press.
8)  Place the A/C section on top of the A/B section, right sides together.
First - match the center fold marks, pin.
Second - match and pin both seams.
Third,  slightly pull on the bias curve of piece A/C stretching to fit section A/B and pin the seam.
Stitch seam with a 1/4" seam allowance.
9)  Spray you block with starch and give it a good pressing making sure to pess the seams toward the darker fabric on piece A.
It is OK if your block is not 100% square!
Get our your acrylic ruler and cutting mat and true up your block to 6 1/2" square.
Repeat for the other three sections.
10)  With right sides together, pin the two bottom blocks together matching seams.  Stitch with a 1/4" seam allowance. Press seam open.  Repeat for the two top blocks.
Place the top two blocks right sides together with the bottom two blocks.  Match and pin seams.  Stitch with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Press seam open.

Yay!!! You have completed the Rose Dream Block.  If you have any questions, please comment below and I will add any replies to the thread.
I'd love to have you join my Vintage Block Flickr Group HERE!!
Charise : )


Sunny Seattle Sunday

So how is your weekend going?  It is just beautiful here in Seattle.  We haven't had rain in over two months which I love.....it is a bit chilly but sunny.  Perfect Fall weather in my opinion!! My roses are blooming - again!!!!
I stitched two of the blocks together for my Pillow Swap Talk Pillow yesterday.  I'm over my doubts about whether or not my partner will like it.  I'm going for it!!

It is not stitched together - that is why the seams aren't lined up.  I'll add a yellow and aqua square so it won't read so pink.

If the block looks familiar to you -  it is going to be the first in my Vintage Block Quilt Along.  I'm so excited about this. I have been collection vintage quilt patterns and have wanted to make a sampler quilt with some of my favorites.  I will be posting a pattern and tute at least once a month.  This is a no stress, no pressure quilt along....I hope you will join me!  Details coming soon!!

On the home front,  my hubby has ripped out the porch and front steps.  It was becoming a hazard with boards and nails popping up! Here is the before:

This is my inspiration pic for the "after".

Have a lovely Sunday!


Liberty Love

I got the most amazing package of goodies yesterday from Pink Castle Fabrics!  I am madly in love with the Liberty Art Fabrics - Bloomsbury Garden.   She doesn't have the entire line*yet* but will be getting more in next week or so.  Take a look at these lovelies.......

From Left to right:  Annies Seed catalogue in yellow (Brenda still has some of this HTF fabric which I just adore!)  Liberty Bloomsbury Garden "Leonard", Liberty Bloomsbury Garden "Dorothy", Liberty Bloomsbury Garden "Dance", & Liberty Bloomsbury Garden "Catherine". 
I love the line so much I'm going to order the few prints I missed!!!

Brenda has also expanded the sale section!  Take a look, there is some great stuff there!!
Have a lovely day!!!


Fabulous Vintage Fabric

I had the best evening last night.  I was introduced to a friend's mom - Marta, who shares my passion for quilting. 
 Marta is so creative and talented.  An accomplished artist, potter and quilter.  And she crochets.......
 I wish I had brought my camera!  Her house is full of amazing artistic vignettes.  So cool and modern!  Every where you look is an editorial page for Dwell or Elle Decor!
 She shared the amazing quilts she made and then shared her vintage quilt piece/top collection.  She rescues and restores vintage quilts.
 She was so kind and gave me misc. quilt blocks and vintage fabric scraps she had decided she was not going to use.
OH My!!!!!!  Look at all this loveliness!!!  I am one lucky girl!!!!!

 I'm absolutely in love with these feedsack squares.  The muslin squares they are sewn to are in rough shape so I'll be  happily taking these blocks apart.

These are my faves from the vintage fabric scraps.

I have a stack of these beauties.  They will be a great hand sewing project.
The prints are so perfect!!! 

And here is a picture of all the goodies.
I had an overwhelming feeling last night that I wish I had another lifetime just to sew.... there are just not enough hours in the day!!