Fabulous Vintage Fabric

I had the best evening last night.  I was introduced to a friend's mom - Marta, who shares my passion for quilting. 
 Marta is so creative and talented.  An accomplished artist, potter and quilter.  And she crochets.......
 I wish I had brought my camera!  Her house is full of amazing artistic vignettes.  So cool and modern!  Every where you look is an editorial page for Dwell or Elle Decor!
 She shared the amazing quilts she made and then shared her vintage quilt piece/top collection.  She rescues and restores vintage quilts.
 She was so kind and gave me misc. quilt blocks and vintage fabric scraps she had decided she was not going to use.
OH My!!!!!!  Look at all this loveliness!!!  I am one lucky girl!!!!!

 I'm absolutely in love with these feedsack squares.  The muslin squares they are sewn to are in rough shape so I'll be  happily taking these blocks apart.

These are my faves from the vintage fabric scraps.

I have a stack of these beauties.  They will be a great hand sewing project.
The prints are so perfect!!! 

And here is a picture of all the goodies.
I had an overwhelming feeling last night that I wish I had another lifetime just to sew.... there are just not enough hours in the day!!



  1. Oh there's never enough time for all the fabulous projects we want to make, is there?!

    Some lovely fabric there - I really love those little birds!

  2. What a wonderful gift! I can imagine the giddiness at receiving these!

  3. Oh wow you are so lucky, all of those things look amazing what great treasure to be given

  4. Oh, you lucky girl! I am sure you will create some prettiness out of all these lovelies!

  5. Wow!! How exciting. I am sure that they are in the right hands now.

  6. What a great gift! I also feel that there is not enough hours in the day to do all the crafting I want to do. If I weren't so lazy, I would forgo sleep:)

  7. Oh you are so right! So many ideas, so little time.

  8. What a lovely gift - the fabrics are super special!

  9. Love those fabrics & blocks!! You are so lucky!!

  10. Oh my, how lucky are you! I think I might have fainted to see all these in person...and then to take them home! Even with all the wonderful reproductions we have at our disposal, there is nothing that quite gives us the look and feel of the real thing. What a lovely journey it will be to redo and/or finish all these beautiful bits.


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