A finished room

Jay has been working so hard these past few months. We almost have a finished bathroom.
We need some glass shelves for the built in cabinet.....
We have a bathroom door!!!

Jay put in the windows this morning.....

We used the same beautiful pressed glass that was used in the kitchen windows.

I love my bathroom!!


Happy Birthday Mom

This photo was taken in 1970, I was about 6 and my mom not yet 30.
She is the most lovely, kind woman I know and I aspire to be as compassionate and beautiful as she is. She has loved and supported me through all my ups and down.
Happy Birthday mom, I love you so....


Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

How I love this photo. My parents were just 23 years old. The were married in a chapel on Hwy 99 only meeting 3 months before. They are still very much in love and despite the ups and downs of marriage are still married after 46 years.
I owe them so much. They have been wonderful parents showing unconditional love and support my entire life.
Happy Anniversary Ann and Miles.