Patina - to Leave or Remove?

I have always loved old houses and antiques because they are imbued with character and history. I love the patina that is the result of age and use.
I bought this lovely Murano glass mirror in Italy. The shopkeeper gave me a $400 discount because of the water damage - which I see as a beautiful Patina.
A doorplate in our house with a lovely 100 year old patina.

A chair passed down to us. Love the patina on the inside spindle and arm rests.
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I really hadn't planned on writing a post about patina. One of the things I love about blogging is the unexpected topics or subjects one shares.

As you've probably gathered from past posts, my husband and I bought a 100 year old house. In renovation we have tried to figure out how much of the natural patina to keep in tact. We have removed alot but have also tried to add it back by putting in used fixtures and salvaged materials, but ever so often a project will bring up the question - should we leave the patina or cover it up?

Case in point - this beautiful light fixture salvaged from a four square that was being torn down in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle to make way for condos. My hubby took off the years of paint and revealed this lovely finish. We were planning on painting them matte black but I Said NO!

I love the patina. The character. They look like they belong in the house and have been there since 1908.
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