Cute (free) Skirt Pattern

I found this super cute skirt pattern here.
I love the ruffle detail, the flower applique and the wool jersey fabric it is made out of.
I think I will use this flower as inspiration for the flowers on this skirt.
The instructions can be found on Heather Bailey's website here.
Hope you are enjoying your week!


Some Cool Freebies

These days I LOVE freebies. We are keeping costs down in our household as I'm sure many others families are in these trying economic times! So when I saw this link on one of my favorite blogs, I was quite excited. They have the cutest calling cards as well as free downloadable gift and thank you cards. I'm especially excited about the calling cards. I have business cards but they are out of date. It is pretty embarassing to be a freelance designer and jeweler and not have a card to give to new contacts!

My other recent favorite freebie is this pattern on the Burda website. It is from the new book Twinkle Sews. You may be familiar with Wenlan Chia's fabulous knitting books. You can print the pattern at home and even though it is 50 pages it is still cheaper that buying a pattern. I have this wonderful green double knit that will be perfect for this skirt. I plan on buying the book when $ aren't so tight. It really is wonderful and the designs are adorable!
Happy Creating!!


Too many projects, too little time.....

I love to make things and dabble in all kinds of crafty mediums
but lately it has been all about sewing.

Maybe it is because I have a dedicated place to sew. Luc is sharing a room with Liam now so I have the third bedroom to use as my office and studio space. I've been back to the jewelry studio at Danaca Design but I'm not feeling the love for the jewelry thing. I'm sure it can be attributed to not having a jewelry studio at home. I did at the old house and it was so nice to start a project, leave it on my bench, and come back to it at my leisure. I do love the overall relaxed and creative energy as well as the adult interaction and friends that I've made at the studio. Maybe I'm creatively fickle. Maybe I've just been enjoying making things for myself and the boys?!

I did figure out what to do with this. This is the beginnings of a quilt made with small squares all out of vintage fabric from the 30's.
I've spent the last few nights taking it apart getting it ready to use for the project.

I saw this image and had an aha moment. The squares I have are small (approx 3" x 3")
and I knew this would be the perfect use for all those lovely squares. I found a great website here that explains the history as well as the technique.

The technique is English paper piecing and the pattern is called Grandmother's flower garden. It is done entirely by hand which speaks to my love of intricate details and handcrafted items.

I'm also working on some p.j's for the boys, new pillow covers for our bed as well as some clothes for myself. I can't complain, life is good and I'm looking forward to finishing some projects!!


I've got the bug.....

The quilting bug that is. It is something I've always wanted to try and I love it! I finished my very first block lastnight! I've been collecting these Munki pj's that have the most adorable prints by Heather Ross.
I think they are great for quilting and I'm really looking forward to using them.
You can read more about the Munki obsession here.

I went looking for this lastnight. I found it at a yard sale years ago. It is the beginning of a quilt and looks like the squares are made from vintage fabric. For years I've been trying to figure out what to do with it. I think I'll be taking it apart and using the pieces for a future quilt!
Two of my favorite prints!
Happy Sewing!


Anthropologie Love

Paint by number plates. How cool is that?

I just received the October issue of Anthropologie. I Love, Love, Love this store. If I had to choose only one place to shop it would be here. I've attached some of my faves. Happy shopping!

Heaven on Earth

Eden Ranch
An old house Jay and I made an offer on. We can't wait to start the renovation.
Ha ha - just kidding. Though.....you know we are obsessed with old houses!

Yes, you all know what this is. Only a city girl would love a pic of a hay bale!

Cutie Primo.

Cutie Segundo with my mom.
It has been about a month ago that I, along with the boys and my parents made the pilgrimage to Chesaw. We went to visit my brother Paul and his family and meet my new nephew Cayden. We also went to spread my brother Miles' ashes. The last time I visited was about 10 years ago with Jay. I didn't remember how incredibly beautiful the area is. Chesaw is in North Eastern Washington about 30 minutes from the Canadian border. Rolling hills, farm land, big open spaces. It is truly heaven on earth. We stayed at the Eden Ranch an incredibly beautiful place with the sweetest little cabins. Many of the cabins and the main lodge (which is pictured) are sided with the boards from historic buildings that were beyond repair.
Robin, the owner, is a warm and wonderful host.
I was hoping to get back for another visit before the mountain passes close, but we will have to see! I have more pics of my brothers cabin, which he built himself, as well as pictures of my adorable little nephew. Heaven on Earth part deux coming soon! Ta ta for now!