New project, finished projects and Sunny days

I started this a few days ago. My first Dresden plate block make with Katie Jump Rope Fabric.

It is pretty big - it will be a 24" pillow. I'm thinking dresden for my next round of quilting bee blocks I finished this teapot block

and this teapot block for the 3 x 6 quilting bee I belong to.

Despite the crummy weather, things are starting to bloom in the garden!

A Sunny weekend to you!


Has a month gone by already?

It is hard to believe that it has been almost 1 month since my last post! I went on a wonderful yoga retreat here at Harmony Hill on Hood Canal. Four days of quiet, yoga, meditation and incredible vegetarian food. They have a wonderful cookbook which I highly recommend.

I've spent the entire last month working on these blocks for a Flickr bee I belong to. It took quite some time to design the block but are now coming along quite nicely. I'm really happy with the way they turned out. Five down and one to go!
I've been making some new pieces with the sterling silver branches I had cast years ago.
Trying to use what I have since the price of silver has tripled since I had these branches made!
And I've been weeding and cleaning up the yard. I can't wait until the dahlias, roses and lavender bloom! The weather has finally been nice and I'm headed outside to enjoy it before the Seattle rain returns : )