Modigliani Inspired Self Portraits

I've been absent from blogging and missing it so. I have a few crafty projects in the works and will blog about them soon.
We have been soooo busy lately. We are moving from our dream house in July (long story) and I have been busy sorting and purging. Amazing how much one accumulates in 4 years! I'm pretty pleased with the progress so far, albeit a rather daunting one.
**Thanks grandparents for all your help with kid sitting!!!**
I've been the Art Docent for my son's kindergarten class this year and have been absolutely loving it. It has been such a joy to spend time in Liam's classroom getting to know all the wonderful kids. They are all truly amazing and talented!
There are tons of resources for art projects on the web, but my two favorite sites for kid's art projects are HERE and HERE. They are on my blog list as well.
Today was our last art project. The painting we studied was Modigliani's Gypsy Woman with Baby. I followed THIS for the art project. We did a self portrait elongating our features as Modigliani did in his portraits.
Here are some examples of the student's work:

I couldn't show the artists due to privacy issues, but I promise, the resemblance is pretty uncanny!!

My son Liam with his portrait.

Yeah, that is my portrait. If you have a bit of time, check out the link for the instructions and try it for yourself.
Everyone is an artist. I promise you won't be disappointed!!