A finished bag

Yay! A finished project. I'm embarrased to say I started this one a few years ago!
I'm happy with the way it turned out and it is larger than it looks so it will hold all my stuff! The pattern is Amy Butler's Madison Bag. The instructions were great and it was really easy to put together
I Love the removeable flower detail. I used a mother of pearl button for the inside as well as a lovely little antique brass button.

Happy Creating!


Another Tea Cup Block and A Nice Little Surprise

After yesterday I really wanted to make another tea cup block. I love this one. The secret is hand sewing the handle.
I redid the handle on the original and it came out really well!
I think I'm addicted to making these as I am working on a third. Looks like it will become a quilt someday!

I had a nice little surprise lastnight. I was going through my box of silver chains and I found the necklace below. It didn't look like this. It was a sad little mess in knots - I didn't even know it was a necklace! Happy to have it as I made it and forgot about it years ago.

And lastly, a lovely little stack of fabric. I bought the solids today and love how they look with some of my existing stash!

Happy creating!



I had a bit of spare time this afternoon and decided to try out this quilt block. It is from the book Quilting Line and Color. It is my new favorite quilting book. The projects are very minimalistic and predominately white based. The quilts are beautiful - true works of art.
I'm happy with the block though the handle is a bit wonky. OK for a first try!

Here are a few images from the book.
Happy creating!


Another Give - away!

Check out Heather's blog for yet another give - away! This is the new line by Denyse Schmidt and I just love it. Check out True Up for more on this line!