Strawberries in A Bowl

I created this block for Leila in the Ringo pie bee.  She asked for "favourite things" and  I love kitchen themed blocks. I also thought it would look cute with the apron and mixing bowls I made for her in the Cocorico bee!
The pattern is available in my Craftsy and Etsy shop.  This block is 6" and the pattern includes an 8" block pattern as well as instructions for enlarging to a 10" or 12" block.



Random Bits

Modern Fabric (left) and Feedsack (right) 
Happy Wednesday!  I Love to collect feedsacks and was really happy to find this little cherry print in my stash - it is the swatch on the right.  It was given to me by a friend along with a bunch of wonderful feedsack blocks. 
The fabric on the left is a fat quarter of fabric I have in my stash - it is from Darlene Zimmerman Clothesline Club "Sweet Treats".
My scrappy trip around the world quilt is growing - slowly! I cut lots of strips that are ready to sew into more blocks.
 It is so satisfying to see the diamond patterns come to life with each additional block. I love having this project to work on for a little mindless sewing. 
Off now to work on a deadline and try to fit a few bee blocks that I must have done soon!!


Vintage Sundress

I have realized I like designing paper pieced 2-dimensional dresses as much as the real thing!
I had so much fun designing this Vintage Sundress for Tamiko in the Cocorico Bee!

This will be a pattern very soon - I'm working on a few more styles to go with this one!
Think 50's clothing boutique : )
On a completely different note, I was so excited to get this email in my inbox!
Sorry for the crummy photo  - it was a saved screen shot so the resolution is not great.
Three of my projects from Stitch Magazine are on there!   I'll be doing a "Stitch Week" with some info and additional pictures of the projects as well as a magazine give - away.  Stay tuned!


On a roll......

So happy I finished another Bee Block today!!!  This one is for Melinda in the Ringo Pie Bee and she asked for guitars.
I had no idea where to start so I did a search for patterns.  I found a great one at PaperPanache!  This is going to be an extra special quilt because it is for her son Henry!  I hope he likes the block : )



Tea Time

One of my New Years goals was to get caught up on projects.  Today I stitched together a Cocorico Bee block for Kylie.  Her month was September so I'm a wee bit behind : )
Her theme is "The Best of the British".  I have a collection of red and white transferware most of which are vintage from England.   I used my Tea Time paper piecing pattern and Lakehouse tea  fabric to give the tea pot and cup a Spode feeling.

A pic of some favorite pieces : )
Have a lovely day!


Working Away & Some fun too!!!

A little sneek peak of a project I'm working on.  It is a garment that I'll be able to share it in May.  The fabric is  Birch Fabrics new knit line Elk Grove Knits - Coral Poppies.  I LOVE this fabric and it sews like a dream.  It will be in stores in April/May 2013.  I'll be sure to fill you in and link you to the stores that carry it!!!

I took the boys to a wonderful art exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum -  Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou, Paris.  I Loved it.  By happy accident there was an art docent speaking about the works.  It was such a treat.  It is one thing to admire a great work of art.  It is entirely another to have a skilled and knowledgeable art docent speak to the intricacies of the work and share fun tidbits about the artist!

Here are some of my favorite paintings from the exhibit:



Scrappy Trip Around the World

I've been seeing all these fabulous scrappy patch quilts all over Flickr.  They looked so wonderful but they also looked like lots of work.  Well I was sooo wrong.   The tutorial is from Quiltville and is called "Scrappy Trip Around the World".  It is genius!  6 - 2 1/2" wide x 16" long strips sewn together, cut in strips and then resewn to a 12" block.
I  have tons on my plate....bee blocks, craft it forward and lots of stuff I just want to make!
But I decided to join in - always nice to have an easy, fun project.

I'm not so good at completely scrappy so this is what I did:

I cut strips in colors red, aqua and pink and 3 light or white ground to go with these.
If you want even less scrappy, you could use a solid or the same white ground dot.
I alternated the dark and light to have contrast between each strip.
Choose your favorite color combos!  I think a yellow in place of the pink would have been nice in this quilt - in retrospect : )

I then made sure I picked one color to be the diagonal line down the center - I picked aqua.
All blocks have the exact same layout but different prints - my OCD verion of scrappy!
Be sure to go to Quiltville and Flickr to see all the inspiring versions of this quilt!
: )



Beggar Block - Vintage Block Quilt Along #3

I'm very excited to share the pattern and tutorial for the third block in the quilt along - Beggar Block.  You may have also seen this block referred to as Spool Block or Butterfly Spool Block.

 It is from the Kansas City Star Newspaper circa 1929.
Here is an excerpt from the original newspaper clipping:
"This interesting block harkens back to the neighborly custom of begging one's friends for scraps of their frocks, or old neckties, to put into a quilt."
Reading that makes me think how different our lives are compared to the quilters of 1929.  Times were tough and not everyone could go to their local fabric store or purchase their fabric online!  I have a quilt my grandmother made and my mother loves to show me which fabrics were her dresses!!!  I love to think of my great grandmothers resourcefulness using pieces of my mother's dresses for her quilts. 

I've chosen to make this using foundation paper piecing.  It insures accuracy!
If you prefer template piecing - You can print the pattern, cut apart, glue to card stock and add 1/4" seam allowance

This pattern makes a 12" finished / 12 1/2" unfinished block

-Background (Pattern Pieces A2, A3, B2, B3) -appoximately a F8 or 1/8 yard.
*Cut 16 rectangles 2" x 2 3/4"
-Outer Spools (Pattern Pieces A1 & B1) - 8 x 2 pieces each 2" x 4 3/4" (16 total)
-Inside Rectangles (Pattern Piece C ) - 8 pieces 2" x 4 3/4"
-4 1/2" square for center 

-Acrylic Ruler
-Cutting Mat
-Rotary Cutter
-Sewing Scissors
-Fine sewing pins
-Spray Starch
-Matching thread
-Light Wt copy paper or vellum.  My favorite vellum is from Office Depot. Link here.
It is translucent so you can see the fabric easily, it is cotton fiber so you can press with a dry iron without the paper shrinking, and you can put it through your copy machine!
(it is also great for drawing : )

-Trim threads as you go.
-Sew with a scant 1/4" seam.
-Change your stitch length to 18-20 per inch for paper piecing (sewing through paper pattern.)   It is OK to switch back to 10 - 12 stitches per inch when sewing portions of the block together where you are not stitching through paper.

Paper Piece a Beggar Block
Step 1 - Print out the pattern

1) Print out the pattern for reference. Be sure to select Page Scaling - None.   
Link Here.
2) Print out two pages of the foundation pattern sheets on to light weight paper or vellum.
You will have 8 total.  The blocks should measure 4".   Link Here.
3) Cut out the pattern as pictured.

Step 2 Place your fabric on the pattern

1) Turn the top portion of the pattern ( A1, A2, A3, C ) over so the wrong side is facing you. 
2) Place the right side of the colored fabric rectangle on the pattern wrong side so it covers section A1 with at least 1/4" all around.  Holding the pattern and fabric up to a window will help you to see the pattern through the fabric and help you position the fabric.
Pin the fabric in place on the pattern.

Step 3 - Trim the fabric

1) Place the pattern and fabric with the pattern right side up, and the fabric beneath.
2) Fold the pattern back along the seam line.  Trim the fabric to 1/4" from the fold.  This is your seam allowance.
3) Repeat for the second seam.

Step 4 - Cut the background rectangles in half

1) Cut 2 rectangles in half as pictured

Step 5 - Add the Background sections

1) Turn the pattern over so the fabric is facing you, right side up.
2) Place the Background triangle A2 right sides with Spool A1.  Pin in place.
Repeat for the other side.

Step 6 - Stitch the Background sections

1) Turn your pattern piece over so the pattern right side is facing you and the fabric is on the bottom.
2) Stitch on the line between A1 and A2.  Stop at the seam line that connects section C, Backtack. 
Repeat for the other stitching line - A1 to A3.
3) Turn over so the fabric right side is facing you and finger press the seam open.

4) Turn over the pattern so the pattern right side is facing you.  Fold back section C on the seam line.  Trim beyond the seam 1/4".  This is your seam allowance.

Step 7 - Attach middle section C
1) Place the right side of section A to the right side of section C matching the raw edges.
Pin in place.

2) Flip the pattern over and stitch on the seam line between section A & C.

3) Turn to fabric right side and press seam.
4)  Flip over so the right side of the pattern is facing you.  Trim around the block leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.
Step 8 - Stitch and Attach Unit B
1) Stitch unit B together following instructions Steps 2 through 6.
Trim around unit B leaving a 1/4" seam allowance all around.
2) Place the right side of unit C to the right side of unit B matching raw edges.  Stitch together just on the edge of the patterns with a 1/4" seam allowance.
 3) Turn to the right side and press the seam. 
4) Repeat for the remaining seven sections
Assembling the Block
 To assemble the block, stitch the left, middle and right columns separately. 
 Press seams open.
Stitch the left to middle column matching and pinning seams. Press seam open.
Stitch the left/middle column to the right  column matching and pinning seams. Press seam open.

***Yay - block complete!***
There is a flickr group devoted to these kinds of blocks.  Check it out for inspiration!
Please visit my Vintage Block Flickr Group and be sure to download pictures of your blocks - I love to see what you make!!!!



Oh my goodness!!!  It was a very busy 2012!  I was lucky enough to be published in a few of my favorite sewing and quilting magazines!
It was incredibly gratifying to contibute to Stitch - I designed two skirts that are in their Spring 2013 issue!  It was fun to go back to my roots in fashion design!!
From Upper Left, clockwise:
Pomme Potholder - Stitch Spring 2013
Rainy day tote - Stitch Spring 2013
Cozy Slippers - Stitch Spring 2013
Two Dresses - Quiltmaker 100 blocks Issue 6
Cozy Slippers - Stitch Spring 2013
Uptown/Downtown Skirts - Stitch Spring 2013
Gathered Clutch - Stitch Gifts 2012
Quilt Blocks Sachet Trip - Stitch Gifts 2012
I designed more paper pieced patterns than I realized!! 
My Ringo Pie blocks numbered five!  I'm a bit behind but look forward to catching up this month!
My Cocorico Bee Blocks numbered six though two are for Leila's Where the Orchids
Grow : )
I'm also behind here and looking forward to catching up.
I love to make bags and pouches!  The purse in the upper left hand corner will be a completed pattern.....soon : )
And lastly, some miscellaneous makes, most of which were for swaps.
Happy 2013 to everyone and Happy Creating!!