A Woman's Work

I'm ecstatic - I got the last bit of fabric from the lovely Ayumi to finish  the equally lovely Leila's Cocorico Bee Block.
Leila's theme is "a woman's work" -  inspired by the 50's housewife.  She was inspired by vintage advertisements and this blog - very funny and worth the read!  I started a pinterest board to serve as my design board for images to draw from.  The apron was one of my favorites and this is how I interpreted it for Leila:

Yes...I made not just one but three : )  I couldn't stop they were so much fun to make.  Leila can choose her favorite!

Since Leila asked for 6" blocks and this block is a bit easier than most of my bee blocks I've made,  I decided to make "In the Cupboard - Mixing bowl set" for her as well.  There is a pic on my pinterest board of stacked vintage pyrex which was the inspiration for this block.

This one was also fun and very addictive to make.  The top left is my vintage bowl set - mismatched and much loved.  The other two are definitely a matching set though also vintage inspired.  Most of the fabrics were from Ayumi's wonderful shop.  The apple fabric on the bottom is Riley Blake Apple of my eye, which I just adore!  The yellow and red apron fabric is Hope Chest from the website Connecting Threads. 

The patterns are available in my Etsy shop and Craftsy shop should you want to make one of your own!!

On the home front, it has been crazy busy around here.  My hubs has been working hard on our new patio for our back yard with help from our boys!! They are actually at an age where they are helpful.  It is pretty cool.
It is going to be just beautiful but definitely making the rest of the yard look a bit shabby : )

I hope you are enjoying your summer!!


  1. Oh your blocks are fantastic!! I can't decide if I love the aprons or the pyrex bowls more. They both look so cute!

  2. These blocks are just soooo wonderful! Love all three aprons...how would one choose? And those bowls! My mom's cupboards were full of these bowls! Well done!

  3. Both blocks are making me squeal, but the aprons are really really special!

  4. oh wow Charise, these are sooooo fab!! I am quite lost for words, they're stunning all of them thank you so much! x

  5. Not sure how Leila will pick one apron from the three adorable options! I think the yellow and red one is mine!

  6. love your blocks! the aprons are perfect. :) and i am also loving your patio so far...definitely put up some pics when finished.

  7. stunning, but I am certainly not surprised. All your paper pieced projects are stunning

  8. These are adorable. I love the aprons! Your work always makes me smile.

  9. You really need to be on pinterest with a board of your work so we can follow you:)

  10. Nearly speechless, I want a quilt made out of aprons.... BEAUTIFUL!

  11. totally in love with your apron! so nice and inspiring!

  12. Wow! What beautiful patterns! I love both of them!


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