Rockin' the Block

Well....maybe not quite rockin' the Bee Block - that would mean I'm actually caught up with my bee blocks but I am proud of myself for being close to caught up!
I finished Kerry's house block for the Cocorico Bee. I love making these blocks and filling the windows with little snippets of favourite and treasured fabrics!  The pattern is from Kumiko Fujita 318 which is now going for $200.  They really need to reprint it!!!

I also completed Anna's snowflake for the Ringo Pie Bee.  The pattern is from Rumi at 3 Patch and she was so kind to send the pattern to me!!!  It is a wonderful pattern with so many possibilites.  Anna wanted linen and white so I kept is simple : ) 

Have a lovely day!


Vintage Block Quilt Along - Crazy Anne - #6

 I am excited to share block #6 in the Vintage Block Quilt Along.
Crazy Anne is from the Kansas City Star circa 1932.  This is an easy block to make - completely rotary cut shapes - no pattern involved!

Crazy Anne
Kansas City Star
 Circa 1932
Makes a 12" finished / 12 1/2" unfinished block


Cotton Thread
Various mid weigh cotton fabric pieces
Rotary cutter
Self Healing Mat

All seams are 1/4"

Cut the block pieces

1 - 3" square for the center
2 - 3 1/4" x 6" rectangles - Dark Print
2 - 3 1/4" x  6" rectangles - Light background
2 -  5 5/8" Print Squares
4 - 3 1/4" Squares - Light background squares
4 - 2 7/8" Print squares

*Cut the 2 - 5 5/8" squares in half diagonally - you will have 4 triangles
*Cut all 4 - 3 1/4" x 6" rectangles in half diagonally from the left top corner to the bottom right corner.
*Cut the 3 1/4" squares in half diagonally - you will have 8 triangles

Arrange the Block

Arrange the elements of the block in the order you will be sewing it together.

Sew the Top and Bottom Row Together

1) Starting with the top row, stitch the center point unit together.  Press seam open.
2) Stitch the upper left corner square to the background triangles. Press seam open.
Repeat for the upper right triangle.

3)  Stitch the print triangle to the upper right triangle.  Press seam toward the print triangle.
Repeat for the other side.
4) Repeat 1 - 3 for the bottom row of the Block

Assemble the middle row of the block

1) Stitch the outside rectangles together.
 Stitch to the inside square.

Finish the block

1) Stitch the top row to the middle row, Press seam open
2) Stitch the top/middle row to the bottom row, Press seam open.

Congrats - the block is complete!
I'd love to see what you make.  Please add your block to my Vintage Block Quilt Along Group on Flickr.


Vintage Block Quilt Along - Light and Shadow - #5

Here you will find block #5 in the Vintage Block Quilt Along!
This block is entitled Light and Shadow and is originally from the Godey's Lady Book printed in 1859.  The Kansas City Star reprinted the pattern in 1933.

This block is entirely paper pieced though you can also make templates if you wish.
 I have included instructions to help with fussy cutting if you decide to include it in your block.

Block #5
Light and Shadow
originally from The Godey's Lady Book circa 1859
by Charise Randell

This pattern is for a 12" finished / 12 1/2" unfinished block

8 dark triangles at least 1/4" bigger than pattern piece A1/B1
8 dark triangles at least 1/4" bigger than pattern piece A1/B1
8 dark kites at least 1/4" bigger than pattern piece A2/B2
8 dark kites at least 1/4" bigger than pattern piece A2/B2

Other Supplies:

Light weight copy paper or Vellum - my favorite is from Office Depot Here
Matching thread (I like 100% cotton thread)
C-thru ruler
Fabric marking pencil or pen

*Change your stitch length to 18-20 stitches per inch when paper piecing the 1/4 blocks together
*Make sure your test square on the pattern page measures 1”
*If you wish to use pattern templates instead of paper piecing, print out the pattern onto card stock and add 1/4" seam allowance to pieces A1 & A2.

Download the Pattern HERE

Print out the pattern

1) Print out 4 copies of the pattern onto light weight copy paper or vellum.
Cut each block in half between the A and B sections.

 Fussy cut the motifs - Optional

1) Place the pattern piece you wish to fussy cut face down or right side down on the fabric right side up.
Position the pattern section on the fabric exactly as you wish it to appear on the finished block.
 Mark 1/4" away from the line or seam edge. 
 ***Please Note, 1/4" seam allowance is added on the outside sections of each 1/4 block.

Pin in place.

Fold back the pattern at the line between the blocks.  In this case between A1 & A2.
Mark at least 1/4" beyond the folded edge.
Cut out the fabric triangle.

Assemble the Blocks

1) Place one of your triangle fabric pieces on the wrong (unprinted side) of the pattern A1 or B1 making sure to cover the entire section. The fabric right side will be facing you. Make sure there is at least ¼” fabric around the perimeter of the section. Hold the paper arc up to the light to help positon the fabric.  Pin in place.

2) Place the adjacent fabric piece, A2 or B2 right sides together with A1 or B1 matching raw edges.
Pin in place.

3) Flip the pattern over so the printed side is facing you. Stitch on the first line between B1 and B2 or A1 and A2.

4) Finger press the seam open. Fold back the paper pattern on the next line (B2/B3 or A2/A3)and trim the second section to 1/4" beyond the line. This is your seam allowance.
5) Continue steps #2 - 4 until half the block is complete.

6) Repeat steps #1-5 for the other half of the block.

7) Pin the center points of each half block together. 
Change your stitch length to your normal length 10 - 12 stitches per inch.
Start stitching 1/2" from the center seam and stitch 1/2" beyond the center seam.
Unpin and check to make sure the center points match.  If not, unpick the seam and try again.  If they match, continue stitching the seam. Press the seam open.

8) Repeat steps #1-7 for the remaining 3 sections of the block.

Finish the Block
1) Stitch the two top blocks together matching seams.  Press seam open.
Repeat for the bottom two block.

2) Stitch the top two blocks to the bottom two blocks.  Press the seam open.
True up your block to 12 1/2".

Yay!!!!  You have completed Block #5 of the Vintage Block Quilt Along!

If you make this block, please add it to my Vintage Block Quilt Along Group on Flickr!


Glamping Bundle Winner

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments in the Glamping bundle give - away!

Lucy @ Charm about you is the winner and wrote:
Congratulations! Such gorgeous work and pretty fabrics!

Congratulations - I will send you and email shortly!


Bundle Sale at Pink Castle

Brenda at Pink Castle is having a fabric bundle sale! Use BUNDLE25 coupon for 25% off all precuts and bundles through Sunday.

Here are ones I'm admiring today:

Shelburne Falls by Denyse Schmidt in color Maple.  I love the blue and red combo!!  So pretty!
Stay tuned for a project in Stitch using this beautiful fabric!

Brenda is also carrying Suzuko Koseki Prints!   This is one of my favorites  - Francophile stripe.
I just used this print in a project and love the scale and colors of the text!


Quiltmaker Spring 2013 - Give away!

I'm hosting another give away in celebration of my wall quilt being featured in Quiltmaker Spring 2013!!!
You may recognize the middle block which was in Quiltmaker's 100 blocks Issue 6.
I added a sewing machine and iron to make a fun sewing room theme quilt.
Then I added a beggar block border to add to the vintage charm.
Here is a picture of the original design.
I substituted fabric from a new line from Moda called Glamping and
The fabrics were generously donated to me by Moda fabrics. 
I think it only fair to share the love so I'm giving away a bundle of Glamping fabric!!!
I will be giving away a FQ of each of the two "glamping" prints and a F8 of all the rest!
Please leave a comment below and one extra if you are a follower of become a follower.
Give away is open for international participants and I'll pick a winner on March 10th.
Comments will close on March 9th at midnight PST.
Check our the Quiltmaker blog - Quilty pleasures for a give away - they are giving away 25 copies of the magazine
Good Luck!!!


Vintage Dresses Pattern

Sometimes it takes me absolutely forever to complete a pattern!  The sun has been peeking through the window and It gave me an extra dose of energy this afternoon to get this pattern done.

The pattern includes 4 different 10" tall blocks - Sundress, Cap Sleeve, Cap Sleeve with Borders and Strapless Dress.  I will definitely be making a quilt with these mixing and matching fabrics!
I've listed the pattern in my Etsy shop.  I will also have it in my Craftsy shop shortly.
Have a lovely day!


Fresh Sewing Day

It has been another busy month.  Stitch Spring '13 made its way to the news stands and I was so excited to be featured on the cover.  I worked on a few new paper piecing patterns.  Hopefully my dress pattern will be complete by the end of the weekend!  I finished some hot pads for my mom's 72nd birthday!!!  I showed a little sneak peek of a new project for Stitch Summer ' 13 and unveiled the new block for my "Vintage Block Quilt Along".
Link up your favorite makes on Lynne's blog - Lily's quilts and check out the awesome projects from other sewists!