You know Fall is just around the corner when......

The leaves start changing color....

Unfinished knitting projects come out of hiding....

Hot tea (with cream and sugar) is your preferred beverage.

Enjoy your last few days of summer!!


Liam's First Day of School

Walking into the classroom.Words of reassurance from mom.

Custom labels for his jackets. Oh he liked that!
My little boy is growing up! Seems like just yesterday we were going for stroller rides in the neighorhood. My emotions about Kindergarten are a bit silly since Liam went to a full day preschool last year but honestly, public school is soooo different.
I could tell he was nervous - I think due to the size of the school and number of students. Bryant has 500 compared to about 40 at his preschool.
He is doing really well and has made a few new friends. He brought home his first assignments yesterday and each and every day reports about the new things he has learned.
I'm so proud of my big boy!


Happy Anniversary

Jay, Thanks for the last eight years.
Thanks for our lovely boys
for working so hard for us
Thanks for the lovely dinner tonight.

Lets have a make over dinner without the boys!

I Love You.


Budding Artist

Love this. Very modern. I can't wait to hang it in my new office!!

Liam is bicycling to QFC and thinking about the chocolate chips he will buy. Those are the dots in the "thinking bubble" above his head.

It has been fun spending time with the boys this summer. Sometimes I feel more like a referee than a mom!! Liam starts Kindergarten in only a week. I try to spend one on one time with him when Luc naps as Luc is a very demanding two year old when awake. We often pull out the art supplies and draw. I'll have to say I was very impressed with the artwork he created yesterday. It is fun to see how their minds work through their art.

I think we may have an artist on our hands! Yay!