Thrifty Thursday

A few weeks ago as my husband was walking home he happened upon a garage sale.  They had this painting for sale. $10.00!!!

  The artist is Stany Lemmer and the woman that sold it to him bought it in France. It is dated 1948 and I can tell it is old by the canvas back that is aged a light brown.  It is a bit moody and dark though it may just need a good cleaning.

I think it looks great with the other oil paintings in our "gallery".

A few weeks ago I was near a Value Village and had to take a peek.  My finds there have been hit and miss but it is always a fun "hunt".   I was intrigued by this "Georges Briard" piece.  Mid century collectibles are usually not my thing but for $5 I couldn't resist.  A bit of sloothing on Ebay put this right around a $15 - 20 value.
I then spotted this little compact in the jewelry case.  I love the buillion top and the patina. 

It has the original label inside.  I was able to find "Schildkraut" brand but nothing in this design when searching online.  Another $5 treasure that looks great next to the Briard! 
 I love to imagine the fashionable lady who brought this lovely compact out to powder her nose.


  1. Seems to me that you have a cigarette case reather than a jewelry case or compact. The boullion is scrumptious!

  2. Very nice! My boyfriend likes to cruise garage sales for paintings that he can paint over--makes for very cheap canvases! If something is too nice, as in someone might appreciate the painting, he won't buy it. Does the same with frames. He finds cool frames for his artwork, too :)

  3. You have a husband who will stop at garage sales. So jealous.

  4. Great finds!
    I also think the case you found used to be for cigarettes. What are you going to use it for, or are you just going to admire the decoration on it?


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