Vintage Block Quilt Along - Block #2 - Night and Day

For those of you who are joining me on this Vintage Block Quilt Along adventure, thanks for your patience!!!!   It has been a busy November!!

This month our block is from Alice Brooks and is called "Night and Day".  It is a fairly fast block to put together.  There are four "Y" seams but I promise you will have that skill mastered after finishing this block!!!

OK....lets get started!

1) Print out your pattern template. 

You can find it [HERE]

Be sure to check the 1" square!

 Using the picture on the pattern piece as your guide, cut out the pieces as marked on the pattern.
Mark the notch on pieces C.
Mark the 1/4" intersection point on pieces A.

 On pattern pieces B, place right sides together on inside edge.
 Mark 1/4" up from bottom, noncurved edge. 
Stitch from top curved edge to mark at botton edge.  Back tack at ends.
Press seam open.

Match the point intersection on Piece A to the 1/4" mark on piece B.
Pin in Place.

Flip over the pinned section A to B.
Stitch from edge to the 1/4" mark on piece B.  Do not stitch on the seam allowance.

Pivot the unstitched seam on B to match the unstitched seam on A.  Pin in place.
Stitch from the 1/4" mark to the edge.

Press the seam on B open.
Press the seams on A toward piece B.

Match the notch on C to the seam on the curved edge of B.
Pin in place and stitch.

Press the seam allowance towards block C.
True up the section to 6 1/2".

Repeat steps 3-9 for the other 3 portions of the block.
Stitch the two left blocks together matching seams. Press seam open.
Stitch the two right block together matching seams.  Press seam open.
Stitch the left section to the right section. Press seam open.

****Congrats - you have completed block #2!****
I'd love to see your version - please add yours to the Vintage Block Quilt Along Group on Flickr!!!


  1. What a wonderful tutorial!! Darling block too...I am thinking about jumping on board. (not that I need another project :-)) Thank you for sharing!

  2. I really love your fabric choices! It looks great and I cant' wait to start! I'm leaving for a conference tomorrow and I'm hoping to get my fabric cut and take it along with me since I'm hand stitching. We'll see if I can get it cut out in time :)

  3. I love the scrappiness, you have such a nice assortment of prints. I'm excited to make this! Thanks so much for sharing your patterns, Charise :)

  4. Gorgeous block. Have to make this one that's for sure. You are just so special.

  5. Hi Charise, I've just found you via flickr and had to tell you how much I love all your projects! You create some beautiful things!! I really love this baby quilt block too!
    Jessie, xo

  6. That's a beauty Charise, and great instructions too

  7. Holly Molly!!! This is the most advanced patchwork project I ever seen!! I need to try since your directions as so clear!! Thank you for sharing your talent!! hugs!!

  8. your tutorials are so beautiful, Charise. this block is fantastic.

  9. your tutorials are so clear and precise... love the photos ..thanks so much

  10. Three and a half years behind schedule, but I finished my block and it came out so much better than I expected. Thanks for the clear tutorial and thank you for doing this QAL! I hope you do another one someday. http://cheekycognoscenti.blogspot.com/2016/07/design-wall-monday-vintage-block-qal-2.html


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