Bits and Pieces

Why on earth do April and May go so fast? For me it is taxes and a little boy birthday in April as well as my yearly weekend Yoga and Meditation retreat at Harmony Hill on the Hood Canal
 Now for May....I'm not so sure. 
I have been working and have finished a few projects but can only show peeks : (
These letters will be part of a very special quilt.
I cut into my very prized Heather Ross fabric for this one!
And for this one too!!

This is a project that I hope will be published this Fall. If not, It will end up as a pattern in my Etsy and Craftsy shops.

The weather has been beautiful here in Seattle. 
 I hope Spring has come to your neck of the woods too!

xo Charise

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  1. I didn't know you were in Seattle. Why did I think you lived in the UK? All I know about Seattle is from Starbucks coffee, Sleepless in Seattle, Frasier, and Gray's Anatomy. ;-) I know I must sound like an idiot saying that, but sometimes I can't help myself!


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