Amber's Design Studio

Amber chose a sewing theme for her bee block in Ringo Pie.  I had just finished my "Design Studio" pattern for the Sew Out Loud quilt along and thought this would be the perfect theme.
The itty bitty iron came first and I was inpired by an incredible exhibit at the San Francisco Airport!
The exhibit is incredible.  There were sewing baskets and kits, sewing machines and irons on display.
Here are just a few of the incredible items on display.

This week I happened upon a super dangerous place in my neighborhood - dangerous for the wallet that is : )  It is a vintage warehouse that sells mostly estate sale finds.  I got the cute little chair pincushion, eyelet trim and vintage needle cases!
Have a lovely day!
xo Charise


  1. What an amazing block! Amber is one lady! I might like this one even better than the sewing machine version...if that is possible.

  2. I am just in awe - it's amazing Charise - thank you SOOO much! I absolutely love it...what a work of art!

  3. What lovely pictures, from your pretty block for Amber to those wonderful vintage finds!

  4. I have a pincushion chair almost exactly like yours, inherited from my grandmother! Same wooden chair with upholstered seat and back for pins, same spool holders on the sides, but my "chair" has black velvet fabric on the cushions. I've never seen one like it anywhere else!

    Since it's my grandmother's and I keep it to remind me of her, I'm leaving mine alone. But if I ever find another one without sentimental value, I'd love to paint it in a bright turquoise high-gloss enamel and recover the cushions in a fun print fabric. Of course I get these ideas, and then never quite get around to executing them. ;-)

  5. You've been Leibstered! Yours is one of my favorite blogs, with your fabulous paper piecing patters and turorials. I can't believe you have fewer than 200 followers, but I'm happy to pass this on in hopes you have many more!

  6. amazing cherise! very beautiful!

  7. I'm a bit late to the party (catching up on all my blogs I follow) but I do love you block! Great use of fabrics and your pattern is fantastic!

  8. It is so beautiful, I hope you do not mind that I made my mom a similar quilt, I used the dress form form the sewing machine block, and made my own iron using your picture close-up, it did not turned out as cute as yours, but I am still pleased with the result! I could not find scissors fabric so I used a little charm. here is the link if you interested. http://beardollyandmoi.blogspot.com/2013/02/sweet-mini-quilt.html
    My mom loves it. Thank you for inspiring me to return to paper piecing!


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