Busy Thursday!

I've been so remiss at blogging this month!!  I have been working on some projects, though!
I finished Megan's block for Cocorico Bee.  Her theme was county fair and I had a heck of a time coming up with an idea.  My original thought was a ferris wheel but the "Quilt Show" felt like the right direction to go.
I used stamps to make the Quilts banner.  The mini quilts on top are Farmer's wife blocks shrunk down to 4".  The quilt on the table is a cheater print from Lakehouse.
I've missed making Farmer's Wife blocks!  Hopefully I'll find time soon to make some more!

Here is a photo of my Patchwork 318 Bee Blocks together.  I just love them.  I'm thinking they each need a separate project to set them apart! Leila made the one on the top left, Kerry the top right, and Ayumi made the bottom block! 
Baskets was the theme and they are all just divine!

Enjoy your day! 


  1. i love it all! your quilt show is so great and i love the basket blocks you received! you are all such talented paper piecers!!!

  2. Your lovely work continues to be an inspiration! You are SO clever!

  3. The quilt show was such a great concept to include and I just love what you did with it!

  4. The quilt show is so classic and fun. Perfect for a country fair. You are so blessed to be in such a talented group. Love your baskets that you received, too

  5. it's really, really lovely Charise! The banner is my fav!

  6. These are all so fabulous! What a sweet little mermaid with fishies! Love it!

  7. You are such an artist. I really wish I could take a class from one of you smartie paper piecers.

  8. You are just so clever it's untrue. I love all your blocks they are to die for.
    Patti xxx


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