The Anna Blouse Sew Along - Choosing your size

Welcome to the next stop in the Sew Along - Choosing your size.
The Anna Blouse is fitted through the shoulder, armhole and has a generous amount of ease in the chest, waist and hips.  Check the pattern measurements on the measurement page to see the actual garment measurements.  

The first step is to measure your body and find your size:

Using a tape measure, measure each part of your body as described above.  Try your best to keep the tape measure parallel to the floor.  The tape measure should just skim the body.  Do not pull it too tight.

Pick the Pattern size that is closest to your measurements

Using your measurements taken above, 
Circle the measurement on the Body Measurement page. 

If your measurements fall into different sizes, trace a line directly on the pattern to connect the sizes between bust and waist and between waist and hem.

As you can see in the picture above, my bust and waist are a size 8 and my hips are a size 10.
On the Front pattern, I connected the waist on the size 8 to the widest part of the hip on the size 10 using my hip curve. You can read more about dress making tools HERE.

Be sure to make the change on the Back side seam of the pattern
Cut out or trace your pattern and I will see you back here on Monday to talk about the importance of making a "muslin" or fitting garment.

Have a great day!


  1. Okay, dread and fear over here... This is where all my garment projects are always doomed to failure. I measure 38" at the full bust but it is all boobs. Whenever I try to alter a pattern the way you describe, I end up with a garment that is way too big, gaping on me at the neckline, shoulders falling off, and about an acre of extra fabric in the BACK and a side seam that pulls forward. I need that extra room to be only in the front. Do you think it would work for this blouse if I cut a size 8 for the shirt BACK, and a size 12 for the shirt FRONT, and then cobble them together? Or should I make both pieces in size 8 and just adjust it to the size 12 or 14 line at the bust on the pattern front only? Or will that give me a weird triangle sticking out at the side seam so I can't attach it to the shirt back? Am I better off adding darts to make more room for the boobage? I really want to make this blouse!

    1. Hi Rebecca
      You need a full bust adjustment. It will add more fullness and darts.
      If you use a size 12 it will be way too big on you.
      I will do a full bust adjustment tutorial near the end of the sew along. Thanks for letting me know!!
      It is a pain but when you get it to fit just right you will be soooo happy : )


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