Apples - I'm Obsessed!!!

I love apples - I always have.  And I'll never forget my mother telling me "an apple a day will keep the doctor away".

I have created apple pouches.....

and I am working on a pattern for an apple apron. The sample will be my mom's Christmas present!

So........ last Friday was my birthday and my husband took me to the the Frye Art Museum to see the current exhibition by German artist Franz Von Stuck.  The exhibit was absolutely incredible.  It was a real treat!  After seeing a great master's work I often dream of having the time to learn to paint.....maybe some day.

I just couldn't leave without taking a look at the gift shop : )  It is beautifully curated with art books, local artisan jewelry, hand bags and vintage items.  I couldn't resist these vintage apple accessories.
The wee brass apple tray will be perfect on my sewing table to hold odds and ends.
I love the shape and weight of the apple necklace.  It is a substantial piece of jewelry.  It has a seam near the top and I've tried to open it....hmmmm what could be inside?

I'm looking forward to enjoying this holiday with family and friends.  Cookie baking will commence on Monday. It is one of my favorite traditions along with cutting down the Christmas tree.  My boys love it too - actually the eating more than the decorating : )  The cookies pictured were made for a cookie exchange at my son's school.  I love decorating cookies and trying new designs thought I'll admit the easier design the better the outcome! 

I'm looking forward to spending two weeks with my boys, sleeping in over the holiday break and maybe sneak a bit of sewing in!

Enjoy your day!


  1. You can't go wrong with apples. They are all so cute. I love your new necklace!

  2. I love apples too! I love the purses and the coaster. Absolutely beautiful and fresh

  3. I have a niece who is a new teacher and would probably love any of these apple things you've made. I may have to give the coin purse a try for her! Thanks for the inspiration.


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