Sewing for Myself - Work in Progress Wednesday

In between other projects I have made a bit of time to do some selfish sewing.  I have seen some cute sweatshirt style tees appear on Instagram inspiring me to sew some comfy tops for myself.
The one pictured above is made from a heathered jersey knit with sequins and solid jersey sleeves and back. The fabric was a screaming deal at Joann fabrics.
The pattern is New Look 6230.  I went up one size and added 3 inches in length to make sure it was extra comfy to wear.

I signed up for Girl Charlee's January Knit fix and received some great fabrics.  Many of the fabrics I would not have chosen for myself but definitely like.  

I decided to make another "sweatshirt" tee  and paired the Southwest Ikat inspired print (It is the print on the bottom right in the stack above) with solid french terry.  

I've really enjoyed wearing it!

My other Work in Progress is cleaning out the basement!  Oh my....it has gotten a bit out of control.
It is amazing how "stuff" that I don't want to deal with or don't have time to deal with ends up in the basement.  I just found some pants I cut out  and have yet to sew for my youngest son when he was 3 years old.  He is now almost 8!
I think a fabric destash is in order very soon.

We are having an architect come to the house tomorrow to talk about remodeling our 950 sq. ft. 1908 bungalow. I wanted to make sure he could walk through our basement  : )

  It is time to remodel and I have put it off for far too long.  
Still suffering from a bit of home remodeling PTSD from tackling this project five years ago.

We want to turn this

into  something like this.
I love the title - "Looks Like $3000 - Costs $995"
If only one could build a new house for that price now : )
This image is a 1916 house from the website antique home.org
A must visit if you like looking at vintage houses.

Wish me luck!



  1. That's gonna be a heck of a remodel. Good luck!

  2. I love your house. You and your husband did an amazing renovation. Please post your progress on your addition. And I like your t-shirts and your Anna tops. I have gotten out of the habit of sewing my clothes. I am glad to see that you still take the time to make some of your clothes. I will stay with quilts and crafts. Nice post. Thanks

  3. Just discovered your things via Amy Friend/During Quiet Time! Love the sparkle sweatshirt and love more the house renov. - great job!


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