Feather Hobo Bag - Work in Progress Wednesday

I am a bit of a pack rat - I like to have a purse that has everything I could need at all times : )  It is always a bit embarrassing to hand my heavy bag to someone to hold!  I'm sure they are thinking "what on earth does she have in there?".  My favorite style is a slouchy bag - usually referred to as a Hobo Bag.
 I sewed up this version in this beautiful print from Anna Maria Horner.  It is a medium weight fabric in a linen cotton blend and the perfect weight for this type of bag.  I think the large scale feathers lend themselves beautifully to a handbag.

 I added a fusible fleece to the lining to give it a bit of stability.   I love the top zipper closure to hold all my goodies inside. 

The leather tab detail gives the bag extra durability - a very nice feature if you hold lots of things inside your bag : )

After seeing this gorgeous tote bag in person at Anthropologie  last week, I will be making the Hobo bag out of a gold embossed leather hide I found at my local Tandy Leather for only $30!

Sure beats paying the $500 for the Anthro bag : )  Situations like this make me very happy I know how to sew.

If you want to try making leather or suede bag, check out my post with Leather Sewing tips HERE.

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Have a great evening!


  1. what a great bag, it's going to be stunning in that gold leather.

  2. Love the feathers fabric in your Hobo bag - and the gold tote will be gorgeous!!

  3. I just found you. I love that hobo bag, do you sell a pattern for it?? That is my favorite type of bag and it is very hard to find. Thanks so much.


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