The Secret Drawer

I just received and email from a reader who asked "did you ditch the vintage block quilt along"?
I assured her I did not : )  I wanted to share that with you and apologize for the delay.  I've been working on a few paid projects as well as just taking a breather.  The Super Online Sewing Match was exhausting, and really made me think about what I want to spend my time on creatively besides spending time with my boys - big and little. 
Progress has been made on the next block for the Vintage Block Quilt Along. I'm going to share "The Secret Drawer" from the Kansas City Star circa 1930.    I spent time this week figuring out the pattern and picking fabrics - love picking fabrics : ) and  (drumroll please)  There are Y seams!
Stay tuned - I am shooting for the week of Thanksgiving at the latest to finish the block, pattern and tute.

Love this version in the Japanese Book - My Favorite patterns 163.
I got mine on Etsy : )
Have a lovely night!


  1. I have been wondering when the new block was coming too. Can't wait, looks like a great one. Thanks!
    Carol O

  2. Looks a little complicated:) I can't wait to see it made up!

  3. Looks wonderful! I've been admiring how relaxed it was, actually, as I am over committed still to really start on All the blocks.

  4. Love the block, but there's really no need for Y-Seams. Just add corners to your corner blocks, Flying Geese to the outside middle sections, and corners on your square-in-a-square center. That turns it into an easy 9-Patch type block. Piece of cake!

  5. One more thing...my first comment was based on constructing the block in the Japanese book. If you do the block from the newspaper clipping just make half-square triangles for your corner blocks, sew small squares on the diagonal and fold back to cover the inner corner using fabric to match the outer corner of your square-in-a-square center. If you want your spools to look like those in the Japanese block you'll have to add corners to your Flying Geese units as well so all four corners will match and make the center of your spool. Still a piece of cake, and a super one at that :-) .

  6. i'm glad to read that you took a break after the sewing match. that seemed like it was intense. i can't keep up with my current sewing commitments, but i do love to see your vintage blocks pop up on the social media :)


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