Fashion Design Studio

Amy from During Quiet Time announced a fabulous little contest a few weeks ago called "Texting While Sewing".  I'm a bit embarrassed to say that when I read the description for the first time I thought oh dang, I don't TEXT so there is no way I can enter.
 I know, I know - it is a bit silly I don't text.  One of my friends has been gently pressuring me to text so I will probably start soon : )
Anyhow,  Amy meant using text fabrics in a 12" x 12" quilting block!  Well, Hello, that is right up my alley.  I love using text fabrics in my projects.
 I've been so incredibly busy with some new projects, but I did find a small window this week to work on a block for the contest. 
As luck would have it,  I also had a block to make for Amy in the Cocorico Quilting Bee.  Her theme is Artist Studio.  It was due at the end on June but I have been stuck. Ugh!!!  I had so many ideas but kept coming back to "Fashion design studio". I was resistant because I've already made two blocks that are almost identical.  I decided to go with it so here is - version # 3 and I'm calling it the Fashion Design Studio...........

I used two of my favorite text fabrics:  Kumiko Fujita Red text print and Suzuko Koseki Yellow Text Print.  Click on the fabric descriptions for a link to the fabric : ) 
You should check out the Flickr group here.  There are some amazing blocks in the group. 
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I will never get bored of this block, it's always fantastic!!

  2. This is pretty stinking awesome! What great design, love the fabric choices, and fabulous piecing!

  3. Wow - another amazing block - you create the most fab things!!!

  4. One of my favourite designs - gorgeous block! I love the way you use text in your projects!

  5. I've looked at them all and there is only one that comes even close to how much I love yours. You are amazing!!!

  6. I really love this pattern. I've only made the sewing machine part but I really want to go back and do the entire thing! Every time I go to a fabric store I find myself searching for fabric with small print so I can use it for paper piecing. Since I saw this post yesterday I thought it would be the perfect time to blog about the piece I made. :)

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