Work in Progress Wednesday and some random stuff

My little boys are camping with their grandparents for three days.
 Love 'em, but I'm so happy to have a break!!!  The house is so quiet : )
Today I decided to try a new block.  Well it isn't quite new.  I've been collecting vintage quilting patterns and this one is from Kansas City Star newspaper, "Rose Dream" from 1930. 
I've really been inspired by a new Flickr Group - Low Volume Quilt Along.  The idea of using a more subdued palette is very appealing to me right now.  I was looking through my patterns and thought this would be the perfect one.
I'm truly in love with this block!   I've pulled a stack to make more blocks - I'd like to make an entire quilt.
So.....here is a question for you.
Would you join a Vintage Block Quilt Along hosted by me?
I would pick vintage patterns from my collection and I would provide the pattern and a tutorial.  In the case of making this block, I'd share my tips and tricks I learned while doing curved piecing.
I'm thinking at least one block a month, maybe two.
What do you think??
As far as the random stuff, I had a chance to spend some time in the garden.  A few years back we planted a few strawberry plants.  Now we have a little patch : )  The boys love to pick them.

My latest project for Fat Quarterly is finished.  Yay!!  These are just the backs of the pillows I made for the next issue.  A little teaser : )



  1. I'd be interested in the Quilt-along :o)

  2. I'd join too! Those pillows look wonderful- even if I can only see the backs!

  3. I would join in- although it may be in and out! The Rose Dream blocks has given me a great idea for a Brit Quilt swap that I am in!

  4. I'm so at risk of over-committing to sewing things right now, but I'd have trouble not joining you for this! Sounds great and I love your Rose Dream block :)

  5. Hi! I just found your blog few weeks ago and I'm enjoying it! Vintage Quilt along sounds like fun! I would join, although I must add one block a month is all I could manage :)

  6. Hi! I just discovered your blog from the Low Volume group. Your first block is beautiful! I love the idea of a Vintage Block Quilt Along. I always seem to be over-committed, but I'd love to try one block per month.

  7. I think that would be very fun! Your pink and white block for the Low Volume group is just beautiful!

  8. OMG -- is that block completely PIECED?! Here I was so proud of myself for sewing drunkard's path blocks. Did you make this block by hand or machine? Of course it's beautiful, and so different from anything I've seen anywhere else... Which gets me thinking about how so many of today's quilters are cranking out quilts-in-a-day comprised of big rectangles, or weekend quilts with a few simple blocks and wide sashing and borders. We have all these cool tools and resources available to us, and we're able to make more quilts faster than ever before, but the quilters of days gone by seem to have put much more time and skill into each quilt they made. I mean, what magazine today would publish that block?

    So yes; I've never done a quilt along before, but if you are willing to post cool block patterns like this one and explain how to make them, then please count me in. I'd love to learn!

  9. love your block and im so happy our group inspired you to do this!
    gorgeous fabric selection
    i am up for a bom, but i would probably only be up for one block a month
    excited to see more!

  10. YES PLEASE ;D Not screaming really - more enthusiastic (thrilled, happy, excited..you get it) ...that would be so up my alley!

  11. I would be interested in a vintage block QAL. I love 30s fabrics, patterns, etc. I have a
    collection of KC Star block patterns, and others that were printed in papers of that era.

  12. I'd be interested!!! Sounds fun and this block is lovely!

  13. I would be so excited if you did that and I would definitely join in. Well I'm screaming even if Karen isn't YES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I want to join. I love your block and the fabric you made it is in just too yummy for words. Where do you get the old fabric from though? Or wouldn't I need it? Enquiring minds you know.

  14. I would love to do one vintage block a month. I just love making traditional blocks with new fabrics. Can't wait to see the front of your pillows!!

  15. Great idea. I would love to participate.

  16. I think that would be a wonderful idea! Please do it!!!!!!!!

  17. Oh, Charise, I'd love to join a Vintage Block Quilt Along with you! Traditional blocks with modern Japanese fabrics -- oh, bliss!

  18. If I was not in the middle of a move I would so want to join in. Depending on when you do it, I might just commit anyway... Sewing therapy!!
    BTW what is the fabric on the back of the pillows. I think it needs to be my new kitchen curtains...


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