Starburst Spools Pillow and a little Sunday night sewing

I'm not the best at finishing projects (Understatement!!) so I am ecstatic that I actually had a finsih this weekend!  I have at least 4 quilts in process, a bee block sketched, a few new paper pieced patterns started and a pillow for a pillow swap started.  But...I did finish my Starburst Spools pillow - yay!  I was inspired by Amy to try an invisible zip closure on this one.  I love that you cannot see the closure at all!  I put a lovely DS quilts floral on the back.
  I'd love to make a quilt with this pattern - eee gads, not another start : )

It was fun to come up with the quilting design for this one.  There is hand quilting around the star and echo quilting around the star and spools though I know it is a bit hard to see in the pic.
Hope you are having a lovely Sunday evening.  I'm doing a bit of sewing and this is the state of my table!  The kitchen is clean, I have three loads of laundry to fold and a check book to balance but the boys are asleep and I can sew.  I think the laundry and check book can wait until tomorrow!!



  1. I do love to see a domestic scene! Glass of wine on the side too! Ok maybe its juice, the block is such an appealing one, love it Charise!

  2. What a great finish! It looks so lovely and bright!

  3. Love the pattern and the fabrics. Great idea!

  4. Love the spools pillow! Such a great job!

  5. This is beautiful. Are you going to have a pattern for this one?

  6. It is so pretty Charise!! I didn't see the hand stitching in your flickr photos, what a gorgeous added touch. lovely work as usual! xx

  7. I love this-I especially love the fabric-what is the designer?

  8. thanks for sharing..


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