Marken House for Leila

I just finished my Patchwork Patterns 318 Bee block for Leila.  She requested house blocks and is from the Netherlands  so I did a little research on Dutch architecture.  I came across some incredible houses in the Netherlands that live on the island of Marken. 
 My little house is very loosely based on actual Marken houses.  They don't have button towers and tend to have white trim.  But they do have red roofs and are dark in color!
Of course, in Leila's house there is lots of sewing going on!
She makes the most amazing quilty items : )
  Image of Marken found here. 


  1. A sweet house to live in! And I love that you share your inspiration...

  2. It's just amazing, Charise! So nice of you to do the research! Lucky Leila!

  3. All the architects will including button towers for their future Marken!


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