Apple and Pear

I've been working on writing a paper piecing pattern for the apple and pear.  I hope to have them up on my blog for free as well as a tutorial. I'll keep you posted!
I'm doing this as a practice run for a more complicated pattern I'm working on.

In other holiday related family news - we got our xmas tree on Sunday.  We started a new family tradition a few years back and drive to the mountains to cut down our tree. 
Every year I underestimate the size of the tree we cut down.  This year I thought we found the perfect size tree but once we got it home we cut off another 3 feet!
It was pretty warm on Sunday so we trudged through the rain and over a small river to hunt down our tree.  I always hope for the idyllic Christmas memory but by the time we got back to the car my four year old was wimpering from being so cold. You can bet, when they are older, they will recall this as an awful miserable tradition : )


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