Work in Progress Wednesday (on Thursday) - Scrappy Trip Along!

I started this a year ago - yikes.  So happy to do some mindless, fun sewing over the holiday break.
Last night I cut strips for hours while watching the Polar Express with the boys!  I want a queen size quilt so I need 56 blocks!  I still have to cut strips for about 26 blocks but I'm tired of cutting, so, off to sew I go : )  You can find my original post here where I explain how I created an OCD version of the "Scrappy trip along".  I do not do well with randomness : )

Hope you are enjoying the quiet after all the holiday craziness.  I'll have to admit that I was feeling a bit like "grinchella" right before xmas but have since come out of my grinchiness.  Seeing the joy in my boy's eyes on Chrismas day and having the honor of spending the day with my hubs 96 year old grandmother did wonders!  

I think the lazy, relaxed days after the Christmas rush is my favorite part of the holiday.   

Enjoy your week!


  1. Your quilt will be stunning. It's hard to feel excited during the days leading up to Christmas when we are so tired! I'm glad you had a nice time

  2. I am sure it will be great when done. Cutting is my least favourite part!

  3. Loving your color combinations ~ I made 2 of these silly quilts before Christmas with a holiday theme ~ love the process and I'll definitely make more of them!

  4. I am so glad that you posted this. You reminded me of a very important thing - even if I often 'miss the bandwagon' on a quilt that appeals to me - it is never too late to make it anyway! This quilt is such a great mindless cutting, sewing, pressing, repeat as desired project - and one I have been craving. I adore you and your work - Happy New Year Charise!

  5. Love the color combo. Haven't made this one yet but think I'm going to have to.


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