May I make something for you?

Today I received the most lovely package from Mette.
 I love notebooks - you could almost say I collect them!
 I was so thrilled to receive this package from her!! 
I follow Mette's blog - erleperle.  It is so lovely. 
A few months back she had a blog post on Crafting it Forward and I jumped at the chance to sign up.  So now it is my turn to Craft if Forward! 
 If you would like a handmade gift from me,  add a comment below.  I will make and send you a gift handmade by me to the first five interested individuals. You will receive your gift in the next nine months.  You in return upon receiving your homemade gift, create a blog post showing what you received and then ask for comments in the post with interested and willing participants.  You then have nine months to make something for the five interested individuals. 

**I'd love to make something for you.  If you are interested, please leave a comment below**



  1. Oh yes please!!! This sounds wonderful!! Yay!!

  2. Wow that sounds great! I'd be excited to be a part of it

  3. I guess this is my chance!!!!! I'd love to participate!!!

  4. I did this with Lana last year and yes please I would love this chance please.

  5. Oh I would love to do this! Both to receive something from the fabulous you, AND to pass it along ;-)

  6. Well, I guess I was one too late!

  7. Too late!! Too bad!! I still love your blog and your creations!!

  8. Love Mette! Have fun with your crafting it forward!

  9. I'm glad, you like it, Charise. I had so much making your CIF gift. I'm a notebook collecter too....

  10. Oh my!! Thank you, Charise! For including international ladies, too!
    My fingers are crossed!!


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