Sewing Planners ~ My New Love

I am the poster child for having oodles of projects that I want to make.  Whether it be clothing, bags or quilts,  my biggest problem is trying to organize all those ideas in one place so I can keep track of everything on my "to sew" list.

When I saw that Colette Patterns was offering a Sewing Planner for sale, I had to give it a try.

I already have a Fashionary, which I love. This one I purchased a few years ago at the Victoria and Albert Museum which makes it extra special!
 I use it for sketching on the go and I really like the crocus style, which are the outlines of the figures to create fashion sketches.

What the Fashionary doesn't have, is the space to record all the extras one needs to finish a project.
The Sewing Planner is really the next step in the creative process to take your ideas to fruition.

Check out this blog post on the Colette blog to see how a sewist used hers.

Well...now that I have a way to organize all my garment sewing "to dos", I started searching for a planner for all my quilting projects.
To my surprise, I received a package this week containing all the goodies you see in the picture!
Fat Quarter shop sent me the complete Scrappy Project Planner designed by the talented Lori Holt of a Bee in My Bonnet.
It was like Christmas came early.

It is the most adorable planner and the accessories are super cute. You can purchase gingham washi tape, fine tip markers, bookmarks, stickers and a "today is the day" planner pad to go with you Scrappy project planner.

Being a visual person, the graphics and design are important to me.
I really look forward to using it - it is so cute.
I have already started filling the pages with my many unfinished quilting projects.

I'm having fun filling it up with all my projects:

My Vintage Block Quilt

My Log Cabin Quilt

And my Scrappy Trip Quilt - and that is not all of my unfinished projects!

Happy Sewing!


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