Work in Progress Wednesday

It is Wednesday again and time seems to be flying by.  The kiddos have been in school for a week and I've been struggling with setting a schedule for myself.  My main work in progress is grading my Anna Blouse.  Basically grading means taking a pattern and making it larger and smaller.     I learned to grade in design school but that was over 20 years ago!  A task that I dreaded at first, but have come to enjoy as I measure each seam, feeling very satisfied when the pieces sew together!

I have a stack of fabrics to make more versions of the blouse and can't wait to share them here!

To help keep my sanity, I have set aside some time for sewing.  In celebration of National Sewing Month, I will be sharing a project that uses a technique that is new to me - appliqué.  I was inspired by the book Playful Patchwork by Suzuko Koseki.  The project pictured will be a sweet little bag which I will share on the blog later this month.

I hope you enjoy these last few days of summer.



  1. Your Annas look so pretty fluttering on the line- lots of work but I am sure it will be worth it!

    1. Thanks Kerry - I made the first one in January! Can't believe how long it is taking : )

  2. My fabric is prewashed and ready Charise :) They look great!

    1. Thanks Amy!!! I'll email yours out first when it is ready : )


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