Vintage Block Quilt Along ~ Spring Butterfly ~ Block #11

Happy Spring!  We have had a few sunny days here in Seattle.  I actually spent some much needed time in the garden!  I love this time of year ~ seeing the beginnings of new life and my garden coming to life.

  I made four butterfly quilts blocks for my quilt - one for each corner.  Two of the blocks are reversed so that all the butterflies are traveling towards the center of the quilt.  
The blocks are fast and easy to put together once you get all the pieces cut out.

Spring Butterfly Pattern
12” finished / 12 ½” unfinished Block

The butterfly measures approximately 6 3/4" x 7 1/4"

Find the pattern Here

~A few tips ~ 
*Read through all the instructions before proceeding.
*Start with a sharp new sewing machine needle.
*For best results, print the pattern templates onto card stock 

Fabric for one block:
~ Background Fabric - approximately 1/3 yard
~ Grey Fabric - Large Scrap or F8
~ Print Fabric - Large Scrap or F8
~ Coordinating Print Fabric - Large Scrap or F8

Fabric for four blocks:
~background fabric - approximately 3/4 yard
~Pink Fabric - F8 or large scraps
~Pink Fabric - coordinating print -F8 or large scraps
~Yellow Fabric - F8 or large scraps
~Yellow Fabric - coordinating print -F8 or large scraps
~Blue Fabric - F8 or large scraps
~Blue Fabric - coordinating print -F8 or large scraps
~Red Fabric - F8 or large scraps
~Red Fabric - coordinating print -F8 or large scraps
~Grey Fabric - F8

Other Supplies  
~ Cardstock
~ Fine Sewing Pins ~ my favorites are these from Clover which are .45 mm
~ Chalk for marking ~ I like Clover Triangle Tailor’s Chalk or Clover Chalko liner
~ Matching Thread
~ Black embroidery Floss (optional)
~ Hand sewing embroidery needle (optional)

Cut A1 from Grey text fabric
Cut B1 and D1 from the same print fabric
Cut C1 from a coordinating print fabric
Cut A2, A3, B2, B3, C2, D2 and D3 from background fabric

** If you are making four blocks for your quilt, flip the pattern when marking the fabric for two of the blocks**

~Sewing Instructions~  
***Tip ~ Stitching curves ~ Showing C1 stitched to C2***
 Fold the fabric piece right sides together and mark the center point with a crease.
 Showing the fabric unfolded and the crease marked

Place right sides together matching center crease.  Pin in place.  Place pins at each edge.
Stitch the seams with the concave piece facing you.

1) Stitch A, B, C, and D together separately.

2) Stitch B, C and D together.

3) Stitch A to B/C/D.  True up your block.

4) Stitch a 2 3/4” x 8” strip to each vertical side (sides).  Press. Trim top edges.

5) Stitch a 3” x 12 3/4” strip to each horizontal side (top and bottom). Press.

6) Trim the block to 12 1/2”

7) If desired, embroider the antennae to the block using the artwork as a guide.

Yay! Your block is complete!

For the rest of the blocks in the series, check out the Vintage Block Quilt Along Page.

I would love to see your version of this block or any others in the Quilt Along.  Please use the hashtag

#Vintage BlockQuiltAlong


  1. I love your butterflys and may have to give it a try!!! They remind me of warm summer days and Lemonade!!!

  2. Lovely block, a whole flock of them would make a great quilt for a baby girl.

  3. I do love your butterflies to complete this beautiful quilt! I've gotten behind in my blocks but am quite eager to get back into this fun project. Thanks so much for all the lovely patterns during this QAL, and I'm looking forward to seeing your finished quilt, as well as the others in the group.

  4. what a beautiful block! thanks so much for sharing

  5. Un bloque precioso!. Gracias pòr el paso a paso. Creo que lo intentaré en algún momento.

  6. Your butterfly block is filled with charm and whimsy. 'Tis beautiful. Love, love, love it! Thank you so very much for sharing this gorgeous design!

  7. The designs which you have provided is very good. Who is looking for Women Apparels.

  8. You are very creative,Gave me lot of idea and we have amazing Designs too, Link to the site Block Printing Blocks | Block Printing on Cloth

  9. The butterfly is adorable; where can I find the pattern for it?

  10. Hey...unable to locate pattern for Spring Buttrtfly...since blueprint has craftsy now...thank u

  11. Cannot locate pattern for the butterfly via the link for BluePrint. Is it available anywhere’s else? Thank you.

  12. Here, and scroll down a little, you'll find it...


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