Cambie #2 AND I can hear a pin drop : )

I love my boys - love them to death but I am soooo happy they have started school. 
We have had a wonderful summer - trips, concerts going to the pool but I am ready for the Fall and more sewing and pattern designing!
With some of my free time today, I am working on Cambie Dress #2 in Nordika fabric by Jeni Baker from Art Gallery Fabrics!

I finished the final project in the Super Online Sewing Match - (sigh of relief).  It was such an honor to be chosen and I learned a lot along the way -
like I actually enjoy making custom fit garments for myself  : ) 
The final project was Sewaholics Cambie dress.  It is a pretty, girly design.  I made a few changes but really wanted to keep the feeling of the original design.  I ordered the Nordika fabric for this dress but got it too late to use for the final dress.  Since I spent so much time on the pattern I decided to go ahead and make another one!  I still have to add the lining and hem it.  I love the border print in this dress!
The yellow one I made is lovely but soooo Summery.  Our warm days of summer are coming to an end so I really wanted a version that would go with black boots and a cute cardigan to wear for Fall.  This needs a cute skinny black belt too!

I'll have the pattern and tute up tonight for the next block in the Vintage Block Quilt Along.
Tks for being so patient.
Had to sneak in a pic of my cuties : )
Enjoy your day!


  1. Oh, I love the Nordika version of the dress! Your yellow one is great too but I would prefer to wear this one. I am keeping everything crossed that you win Charise! It's been so much work and you've made amazing things!

  2. Oh my, well done! I love both versions, but I'm especially fond of the yellow one with your darling black shoes. The piping details and lining are amazing and add so much. I like yours better than the Project Runway ones...I even like the muslin mockup :)
    The new Vintage Block is wonderful, thank you!

  3. Love this dress too ~ and the block and your little boys are so cute!

  4. Your dresses are wonderful and so feminine. Your boys are a delight.

  5. wow, your dress looks amazing!!! Such handsome boys!

  6. Beautiful dress - love this in the Nordika fabric!


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