Consoling myself.....

Yesterday I was planning and scheming ways to get to Quilt Market which just happens to be in Portland Oregon which is just a 3-4 hour drive from Seattle.  I received an email from Becca and another from Amber who both live on the East Coast asking me if I was going to be there. They are both the absolutely loveliest ladies and I was so excited to meet them but I told them I couldn't - kids, scheduled activities, etc - then I spoke with my hubby who said "you should go".  So yesterday after picking up the boys from school I was heading home to send the ladies emails saying "I'm coming to Quilt Market and can't wait to meet you in person!".

When I picked up my youngest son, he said he wasn't feeling well and what do you know  -  he had a temp of 102 degrees.  Plans for quilt market dashed : (

So to console myself today, I, finally, after about a year of owning it, put up a design wall.  It is just a vinyl grid with fuzzy fabric on one side and large grommets on the top -  I think I bought it at Joann Fabrics.  Armed with the drill and some cup hooks I now have a design wall.  I'm pretty darn excited. 

I hope to meet the ladies someday soon, though I'll have to say I feel fortunate to be able to make a little sick guy feel better : )



  1. sorry about your son's illness preventing you from attending Quilt Market but nothing is more rewarding than being a great mom. and your block is marvelous darling!

  2. Sometimes life gets in the way doesn't it.( Hope everyone is well, my little one is also running a temp and doesn't seem to be able to get over her tonsillitis)- I am going to England (London) and I arrive 2 days after the Fat quarterly retreat ! Nothing I can do about it but I sure do feel like I am missing out !

  3. So Sorry for you and your son...

  4. Oh dear. What a shame. I'm home with a sick little girl today too. I've been drooling over all the quilt market photos people are posting on Instagram. Just a tad too far for me! Hope your boy feels better very soon. Your quilt top is so beautiful! xx

  5. So sorry, but at least you got your design wall up anddddddd look at gorgeous design on it! Hope your son feels better soon.

  6. Hi Cherise!

    Yep, that does happen! Betting your little boy is doing much better that Mommy was home making him feel better. You know, he will let you know one day how much he appreciates being first consideration. My ds is 18 and this past Mother's Day he told me on FB (no less) how much he loves me and appreciates my unconditional love and support no matter the circumstances. It brought tears to my eyes. So though we sometimes don't get to do some things we enjoy, the joy of seeing your little one feeling better and running around is just so AWESOME!
    Hey, am loving that quilt on the lovely hand built design wall! You ROCK!

  7. One of my favorite sayings is "Nearly doesn't count" as in "he nearly hit me,". But in your case it so does because you nearly made it to Market. So sorry you didn't but a little boy needs his mummy when he isn't well and you are right ehere you should be and want to be. I hope he gets better real fast. Love your circle but then again there is nothing you make that I don't love.

  8. Oh, I'm sorry you couldn't come to Portland ~ I live here and can't go (not wholesale or anything really).
    Love the medallion ~ is it the Marcelle Medallion?
    Hope your little boy feels better soon.

  9. Sorry you didn't get to go Charise but your son is so much more important and he is only small for a short time. Love your design wall!

  10. The timing of children and sickness is forever frustrating! But I'm sure he is glad he has his mum with him!

  11. I'm sorry you didn't get to go to Market. I hope your son is feeling better now. I love the block on your design wall. It's gorgeous!!

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  13. I love your choices and attitudes, family first.



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