Stitch Week - Day 1 - Pomme Potholder

I'm excited to share the projects I created for Stitch Magazine - Spring 2013.
This project was the very first one I submitted way back in December 2012!  I've admired the magazine for ages and I am a regular reader.  It is truly an honor to be in the pages of Stitch!!
The first apple I made I use as a mug rug on my sewing table.  The size is just perfect for drinks and of course is great to use as a hot pad or potholder!
I have been making more as gifts and discovered another way of attaching the binding.  This is opposite of the original method in the magazine.  Instead of stitching the binding on the front and turning to the back, this method incorporates attaching the binding on the back and stitching on the front.
Both methods work well - the method I used for Stitch magazine has a cleaner look on the front.

1) For this method I used 3/4" bias binding - You can also use 1" bias binding.  The binding will be folded in half.
I like making my binding with a bias tape maker.  Clover makes a great one.
2)  Place the binding right side to the potholder right side back. If you are using 3/4" binding, stitch with a 1/4" stitch. If you are using 1" binding, stitch with a 3/8" stitch.
3) Change you bobbin to match the inside apple color on the back.  For this potholder I changed my thread to yellow.
 Fold the binding to the right side and pin, make sure the binding extends over the previous stitching.
Edgestich in place.
  Stay tuned this week for more projects.  I'll share one project a day and then I will have a give away this Friday February 8th!


  1. So excited to see this adorable pot holder...I am calling our local Chapters book store twice a week to see if the magazine has arrived...walked there today but still not in! Fingers crossed it arrives soon so I can drool over all your lovely projects...I love the purse on the cover and the slippers....I'm so obsessed to buy this issue!

  2. Love these potholder/mugrug apples. I got the magazine last week, hadn't looked at it and just got it out. Excited about making up a few ~ you could make one for every apple there is
    On a side note ~ I just noticed your last name. My maiden name is Randel, wonder if we're related somehow or other?

  3. So cute!!!And the fabrics for the potholders are really beautiful

  4. These pitholders are just too cute. Well done you xxx

  5. This is such an adorable project! Stitch is hard to find here, but I plan a little road trip to the US next week where I hope to score a copy at JoAnn Fabrics! Congratulations!

  6. So, so cute! It's wonderful that you have three projects in this issue of Stitch!

  7. I love these potholders and can't wait to make these. I ordered the Spring Issue of Stitch.

  8. What a cute project! Unfortunately Stitch magazine is not sold in the Netherlands!

  9. Love these pretty potholders.
    The things in your blog header are adorable also.

  10. yesterday I posted a suggestion for a potholder I made for myself. I said it should be 8 inches in circumference. I meant 18 inches in circumference. (that would be about 8 inches in diameter). This is in reference to the terry cloth potholder for metal knobbed pan lids. Sorry for the error.


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