Grocery Store

As soon as Ayumi picked her theme  Grocery Store for her month in the Ringo Pie Bee,  I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to make.

I love Bonne Maman Jam jars and have a problem putting them into the recycling bin - I have a stash in my basement.   My husband thinks I'm a bit crazy. 
I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart has a tutorial of how you can make an outdoor candelabra with jars : )  At least that is what I tell my husband!
 I can't help myself - I just love the gingham lids and the pretty labels.
 One of my first paper piecing blocks was this one here which looks just like a Bonne Maman jar : )
I think a "Pantry" block is in my future.  These items are inspiring me right now.
What inspires you these days?


  1. Big fan of BM too - the jam and the jars - I keep buttons and trimmings in mine!

  2. Love that jam! And I bet I know where that cherry bowl comes from! France too?!!! Your lovely work inspires me!

  3. That's such a cute block Charise!

  4. These are amazing! So creative and absolutely lovely!!

  5. These are darling blocks, Charise! And love those tiny cherries!! Sweet!

  6. such sweet blocks!! how funny that you get bonne maman in the states!!
    (i live near the french frontier, so here you can get it anywhere, it`very popular)

  7. Its so loveley!!!!! Thanks for your wonderful pictures!!!
    I wish you all the best
    Greetings from Angela

  8. So funny! I am the same way about those jars. The Cherry is my fave from them. Nice job on the blocks, always inspiring to see them. Lately I'm inspired by trying new things. I'm in the NYBeauty QAL and the QOLoud one as well to better my paper piecing skills and I joined a doll quilt swap I'm excited to try. Next up, printing on fabric.

  9. So so so cute! I used to buy BM only because the jars are super cute, and you did such an amazing job capturing the adorable plaid lid and cute labels! It just makes me want to pick up the cherries and put them in the cherry preserves jar! I adore this block so much and am so excited that it will be part of my grocery store quilt! Thank you so much Charise!!

  10. These are so cute...and yes, I too an a jam jar horder! Can I ask how you did the little jar labels?

  11. So cute! Someday I want to make them.
    Thank you for nice apple pattern.
    I tried it, although it was hard for me.
    Thank you from Japan

  12. Can you shows us how to design paper piece?


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