End of a Bee : (

Yesterday I finished my last block for the Patchwork Patterns 318 Bee.  Very sad day indeed : (  Tamiko had the brilliant idea of starting a Bee making Blocks from Kumiko Fujita's very popular and almost impossible to find book!
Tamiko asked for a garden theme.  This is the pattern I chose:
The flower and petals are Suzuko Koseki Fabric.  The stem is a Yuwa Fabric.  You can find both here.  The basket is DS Quilts fabric from Joannes.  The background is fabric I found at Joanne's too!  I love the 30's feedsack look of it!
It was a fabulous bee.  I learned so much making all these wonderful 6" blocks!
If you can't get a copy of Patchwork Patterns 318,
 I highly recommend Kumiko Fujita's  Patchwork Lesson ABC and From the Quilter's Studio.


  1. another stunning addition to a beautiful body of work.

  2. Lovely! Absolutely lovely! Your work is amazing!

  3. Your blocks have a lovely vintage feel to them

  4. Its so loveley!!!!
    I like your patchblocks so much!!!!
    My kindest regards from Angela


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