More crossed off the "to do" list!

I've been in "getting ahead on my to do list" mode.  Although Christmas is almost three months away it will creep up and I want to have plenty of time for my personal holiday sewing.

I finished Annabel's Orchard block for the Cocorico Bee.  I designed it quite some time ago but had almost all day Sunday to work on it and was able to finish it today!

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.  I love this bee - it really stretches by design abilities.

This little swatch was my inspiration......

I finished my 4 x 5 bee blocks
The pattern is vintage Alice Brooks found on Ebay. 
My collection of bee blocks that I have received totals somewhere around 16.  I'm really looking forward to creating a quilt with them!

 *** happy sewing to you  ***


  1. Charise, that block is amazing! The stem on the fruit bowl is knocking me out! Love it!

  2. These are stunning. I came here from Kerry's blog. Beautiful work!


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