Hand Stitching

Originally this sweet little patch of hexies was made for the back of the double wedding ring pillow in the previous post. But I couldn't do it. I Couldn't put those sweet little hexies on the back of a pillow and just occasionally see them. So I decided I would make a pillow. Then I remembered seeing the quilt below in this wonderful book. Yes, you can see where this is going. As I'm writing this I was thinking I should actually count the number of hexagons in that quilt. Each consecutive ring include six more hexagons than the previous one. I'm crazy, I know, but it would be an amazing quilt. Nope, on second thought, not counting, just gonna go for it.

I love having these as a hand sewing project to keep my hands busy while watching TV in the evening. My original stack for this project. If this becomes a quilt it will definitely grow......... Wish me luck. I have a feeling this will take a very long time : )


  1. Charise I am another Bryant mom, I met you at the first arts committee meeting, I found your blog and was intrigued. I am a quilter! I would love to get together sometime for some coffee/tea to share ideas and build a quilting community. Sincerely,
    Lisa Meuleman (mother of Katia and Ava at Bryant)

  2. Hi Lisa
    I'd love to get together. I'll look for your email in the Bryant phone book!


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