I Love my Featherweight

Ok. So I am the absolute lamest blogger on the face of the earth. Can I even call myself a blogger when I haven't posted anything since November?

Anyhow, we had a lovely holiday. Jay waded across a river to get our tree. It was beautiful and about 17 feet tall. (He left 4 feet by the riverbed and cut 4 feet off the top when we got it home!) The boys had a magical Christmas and were terribly sad to see it end. Luc kept saying "It is Christmas tomorrow" days after it was over!

I have been doing a bit of sewing the past few weeks. Mostly working on a few different quilts. Last year, I bought a Singer Featherweight for myself for my birthday. I bought this particular model because it was made the year I was born. I took a class on servicing the machine last summer but I never actually did any sewing on it.

Well...lastnight I decided to plug it in and I Love It. It is a wonderful little machine. It makes the most beautiful stitches and if so sturdy.

Here's to 2011, doing lots of sewing and actually finishing projects!

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