Quilter's Favorites

Geta from Romania is hosting a “Quilter's Favorites” party on her blog!
I am going to share some of my favorite things for sewing and quilting!

I design paper pieced patterns, small fabric goods and clothing.  I'm excited to share some of my favorite notions, my beloved sewing machine and creative storage solutions with you! 

***Favorite Notions***

Clover Flower Head Pins are my favorite.  They are so useful because I can accurately match seams on paper piecing patterns and if you are very careful, you can stitch over them! 

You can find my tutorial for matching seams here.
Another must have tool for foundation paper piecing is Office Depot Vellum paper.
I LOVE this paper.  It is 100% cotton so you can iron with a dry iron without distorting the pattern.  It is also translucent so you can see where you are placing the pattern on your fabric.  Perfect for fussy cutting as pictured above!
***My Sewing Machine***
A few years ago I treated myself to a Vintage Singer 221 Featherweight sewing machine.  It is exactly the same age as me!
It is my machine of choice for piecing.  It is small and sturdy and so lovely to look at!
I found mine on Ebay for a reasonable price.

My sewing space is shared with my family living space
so I like storage items that are pretty and practical. 
Vintage ball jars and vases add a pretty touch when used as storage vessels.
 Since my projects and notions are in view,
 I try very had to make the table as visually pleasing as possible!
This is my cutting area.  I have my rotary cutters in a vintage Roseville pot I found at a vintage shop.
I love to store my frequently used thread in blue glass Ball jars.  I found these at vintage shops in the Seattle area for about $10. 
This fabric bowl is part of a nested set of three I designed for Stitch magazine.  I put miscellaneous items there to get them off my table!
This 1930's saucer holds pins!
Plastic Bins
Oh how I love them.  Since I store my fabric and projects in my bedroom, it is nice to have everything compartmentalized for easy access and storage. 

I have bins for specific projects like my hexie hot pads here.
My fabric is also stored in plastic bins - mostly by color.
I have found that storing fabrics is best done by the way you use your fabric.  I also store my text fabrics separately and my favorite designer fabrics have their own bins.
Large scrap book storage bins are perfect for storing quilt blocks.
Thank you Geta for hosting this wonderful quilting blog hop!!!


  1. What a lovely tour! Thank you! I've bookmarked your dressmaker pattern forever now. One of these days I'll get up the courage to give it a go!

  2. It was very fun and interesting to look into your creative space. I have loved all your paper piecing patterns and the way you put fabrics together is extraordinary. Thanks for giving us a little peek!

  3. Such a wonderful and lovely decorated place!

  4. WOW, that's a lot of favorite things Thanks for the wonderful tips

  5. Really lovely sewing space and love your sewing machine ~ I've got one just like it and a black one too. You do such darling designs!

  6. Oh, wie schön, gefällt mir sehr gut. Das ist sicher eine Menge Arbeit.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  7. i'm going to check out the vellum next time I'm at Office Depot--thank for the tip! Your designs are adorable--SEW cute!

  8. Hey Thanks! I'm going to check out the vellum and the clover pins for me.

  9. You've inspired me, Charise! My sewing space is also shared with my family and could really use some prettying up :)

  10. Thank you for sharing your favorites, Charise. That sewing machine is a treasure - I have never seen one in person- lovely!

  11. such a nice sewing space - so pretty and appealing. I like that too and like things to be pleasing to the eye and not just a lot of fabric and things tossed all over the place - organization is key when in a small space. I too have a featherweight although it doesn't run as well as I would like and I use a different machine for most of my machine work but prefer hand work.

  12. Everything you make is my favorite and I've been looking everywhere to get some of that fabric of the lady with the headscarf on. Can't find it even here in England where everything is always so darn late. Love the pins and will have to get some. I have loads of pins but not these. Love the sewing machine too and your sewing room - so much tidier than mine.
    Patti xxx

  13. Great tips... and your work is gorgeous!!!

  14. Love your storage tips and sewing space! Where can I find the pattern for the fabric bowls? Very lovely!

  15. Ditto the above from Julie B re the Fabric Bowls, love them. Great ideas for other storage too. Lovely work, well done and thank you for sharing. :)


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