Work in Progress Wednesday - Hexie Love

Quite a few months back I was searching for vintage feed sacks on ebay and came across these wonderful pot holders.  The photo on ebay was not great but I thought what the heck.....
I was so pleased when I received them and couldn't wait to make my own version!!

I made these for my mom's birthday......
I finished the hand stitching on this one while watching PBS lastnight.
This one was started lastnight and  I think it is my favorite.  I love the yellow, brown and red combo!
The center print is a reproduction of a vintage feed sack.  The teapot and two brown prints came from vintage feedsack and the yellow prints are from the soon to be realeased Moda line Glamping.
Have a lovely day!


  1. These are so cute. You did a super job on them. Loving handwork like this in the evening.

  2. So cute, Charise! I adore those little fussy cut hexagons :) And how gorgeous are those vintage ones?! I'm planning to make my Mum some potholders for Mother's Day to replace the tatty vintage one she has. I hadn't thought of hexies. What size are your hexies?

  3. I love these! They turned out great.

  4. Your new vintage potholders are so sweet and the new ones ~ even sweeter! My quilt guild did a hexagon tutorial the other night and I've got a few done that I could make into a potholder! I have done them before ~ did a little lap quilt with 930 of the darn things. Sill haven't finished it ~ guess it needs to get on the top of my 'todo' list.

  5. You must have been so happy when you got these, they are in excellent condition! Your hexie potholders are darling, too, and I love the fussy cut sections...that fabric is so sweet :)

  6. Did you have a template for the diamonds or were they something you just kind of eyeballed? I really love these potholders! What an awesome idea!


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