Design Process

Today I thought I'd share a bit of my design process. 
I was really hoping to have this paper pieced pattern sewn up today.
 It is inspired by some pics I found of flowers in vintage bottles.
It has been finished for at least a month and now that I'm sewing it I've decided to made some changes. Ugh!
The middle flower was too small so I enlarged it.  I really like the flower and bottle on the left but don't like the one on the right - so I'll take the time to redo it!  I'm always amazed at how organic the process is.  It isn't fast or easy but I do find it rewarding ~ if I take a breath and don't rush it : ) 
I also finished this pattern months ago.  It was a contender for the Sew Out Loud Quilt along but I decided to create "Design Studio" instead.  I have a bit more hand stitching to do and then it will be a pillow for my sewing chair.  The pattern is available as an instand download in my Craftsy shop and also on Etsy.

I'm a naughty girl and went back to the vintage estate warehouse.  I found a complete Featherweight accessories box with the original unopened machine oil and screwdriver for $5!
Also, this group of vintage sundries for just another $5.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Both projects are gorgeous Charise. I agree, these types of blocks take tons of time and lots of redoing.

  2. They're both wonderful Charise! Those bottles are so gorgeous, I love them all! I'm very grateful to designers like you making fabulous patterns so the rest of us don't have to do all the hard work!

  3. i can't wait to see the finished block...it is already so lovely. and the spools are so fun!

  4. Your work is just excellent. I loveeeeee you flowers.

  5. I love BOTH of these! Thanks for sharing the lovely inspiration photo for your bottled blooms. And the Starburst Spools make my heart happy! How would you rate the difficulty of that pattern? I've never paper-pieced before, but every time I visit your blog I'm itching to try.

  6. My favourite is the bottle and flower on the right ;o) The love the bottle shapes and the labels! Lovely!

  7. Your designs are beautiful as always Charise!!

  8. Lovely patterns, they do take the longest time to finish and get exactly how you want them! I love the spools design- I had a circle of spools in my head too for Amber's month in Ringo pie- the spools just call out for that shape! The star in the middle is a great touch

  9. I love your patterns and paper piecing.

  10. oh my, Charise. i remember those spools as a drawing for SOL. your design turned out so well! and the flowers in vases are beautiful.

  11. Love your new, very inspiring designs!


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